Spiders: Family Araneidae

Common name: Orb-Web spiders. 40 genera in South Africa alone. One of the most interesting and diverse groups of spiders with various shapes, colours, camouflage systems and webs which makes it very difficult to elaborate in detail. Diurnal and nocturnal. Interestingly the diurnal spiders continually repair their webs for a number of days. The nocturnal ones on the other hand construct a new web every evening and when dawn comes, the web is taken down and eaten as it is a valuable source of protein. Each species of spider has its own characteristic web design. Harmless to humans. Abundance: very common. (Marita Beneke)
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Araneus apricus Araneus apricus Argiope trifasciata Caerostris sexcuspidata Caerostris species Caerostris species
Cyclosa elongatus Cyclosa elongatus Cyclosa insulana Cyphalonotus larvatus Cyrtophora citricola cyrtophora citricola
Eriovixia exselsa female Eriovixia exselsa male Gasteracantha sanguinolenta Hypsosinga pygmaea female Hypsosinga pygmaea male Nemoscolus cotti
Nemoscolus tubicola Neoscona blondeli male Neoscona rufipalpis Neoscona subfusca Neoscona theisi theisella male Neoscona triangula female
Pararaneus cyrtoscapus Pararaneus spectator Prasonica seriata Trichonephila fenestrata female Trichonephila senegalensis annulata
Araneidae species Araneus coccinella Araneus holzapfelae Araneus nigroquadratus Isoxya cicatricosa Isoxya tabulata
Hypsosinga lithyphantoides Kilma decens Larinia chloris Neoscona hirta Neoscona moreli Prasonica albolimbata
Pycnacantha tribulus          

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