Blue Cranes in the Waterberg African Darter Hamerkop Common Moorhen Egyptian Goose African Finfoot White-faced Duck African Spoonbill White-backed Duck African Snipe Black Crake Wood Sandpiper Pygmy Goose Red-billed Teal Blacksmith Lapwing Water Thick-knee Black-winged Stilt Purple Heron Purple Heron African Black Duck Reed Cormorant African Finfoot

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The list of bird species reliably recorded in the Waterberg is listed below and these can be downloaded as a spreadsheet here. Those that have been photographed in the Waterberg are marked below by    and these can be viewed by clicking on the species name - additions to this photographic collection are welcomed. Waterberg target species (red-listed and/or endemic) are highlighted inred. The list currently (March 2020) numbers 450 but this figure does not have real meaning as it includes many species that may be resident on the surrounding flats but only occasionally stray into the Waterberg, and others such as Spotted Creeper, Grey Cuckooshrike, Green Twinspot and Racket-tailed Roller – all reliably reported here at least once – that are way out of their normal ranges. The list of vagrants such as these continues to grow and they are interesting, of course, and are grist to the mill for dedicated twitchers, but they are incidental to what constitutes the Waterberg's essential bird fauna.

Strip the hundred or so vagrants and incidentals out and the list of birds that make the Waterberg their home comes to about 340. Eighty percent of these are resident and the remainder are seasonal visitors – several storks, raptors, most cuckoos, some kingfishers, swallows, warblers, flycatchers and the like. The bulk of the avifauna (68%) live in the broad-leafed or mixed woodland savanna that cloaks most of the hills and valleys of the plateau but within their ranks are species that are restricted to specific types of woodland, e.g. some restricted to densely wooded ravines, others to Faurea-dominated woodland or patches of thornveld. Twenty percent are wetland-dependent species, some of these restricted to rivers, others to large dams, marshy seeps, and so on. The remainder live in areas of open grassland, some of these (e.g. Cape Rock Thrush, Buff-streaked Chat, Eastern Clapper Lark, Wing-snapping Cisticola) being confined to the fragments of high-lying montane grassland, and others (e.g. Ant-eating Chat, Capped Wheatear, African Pipit) live in secondary grasslands where woodland has been cleared for agriculture.

As part of the Southern African Bird Atlas Project (SABAB2) the distributions of birds in the Waterberg are being mapped on an ongoing basis. The mapping unit is a 'pentad' (a 5' x 5' area, roughly 8 km across) and the aim is to get complete coverage of all 182 pentads in the Waterberg; currently some 40 000 records have been collected from this region. It is these data which are used in the distribution maps here for each species.

BirdLife South Africa
BirdLife South Africa registered the Waterberg as an IBA (see Introduction) on the basis of it supporting significant populations of species at risk, either red-listed or South African endemics that have restricted ranges. These “trigger” species include Secretarybird, Cape Vulture, Martial Eagle, Denham's Bustard and Blue Crane (all globally threatened), White-backed Night Heron, Lanner Falcon, African Finfoot, White-bellied Korhaan, African Grass Owl and Half-collared Kingfisher (all regionally threatened) and Black Stork, Verreaux's Eagle, Meyer's Parrot and several others at risk. For these species the aim is to quantify as accurately as possible the number of birds present in the Waterberg, where they occur and what can be done to secure their future.

The distribution maps shown for selected bird species below are taken from the data in the SABAP2 and at a glance they show whether the bird is common and widespread or rare and localised in the Waterberg. The dots indicate the pentads in which the species had been recorded as at the end of Dec 2019. Small dots reflect a low reporting rate in the pentad, large dots, a higher reporting rate. Green dots are used for resident species, red dots for non-residents (migrants, erratic visitors or vagrants). Pink dots show records not in the SABAP2 database.

List of Birds of the Waterberg
OSTRICH  Struthionidae Struthio camelus  Common Ostrich  Volstruis
GREBES  Podicipedidae Podiceps cristatus  Great Crested Grebe  Kuifkopdobbertjie
  Tachybaptus ruficollis  Little Grebe  Kleindobbertjie
TROPICBIRDS  Phaethontidae Phaethon rubricauda  Red-tailed Tropicbird  Rooipylstert
CORMORANTS  Phalacrocoracidae Phalacrocorax lucidus  White-breasted Cormorant  Witborsduiker
  Microcarbo africanus  Reed Cormorant  Rietduiker
DARTER  Anhingidae Anhinga rufa  African Darter  Slanghalsvoël
HERONS  Ardeidae Ardea cinerea  Grey Heron  Bloureier
  Ardea melanocephala  Black-headed Heron  Swartkopreier
  Ardea goliath  Goliath Heron  Reusereier
  Ardea purpurea  Purple Heron  Rooireier
  Ardea alba  Great Egret  Grootwitreier
  Egretta garzetta  Little Egret  Kleinwitreier
  Egretta intermedia  Yellow-billed Egret  Geelbekwitreier
  Egretta ardesiaca  Black Heron  Swartreier
  Bubulcus ibis  Western Cattle Egret  Veereier (Bosluisvoël)
  Ardeola ralloides  Squacco Heron  Ralreier
  Butorides striata  Green-backed Heron  Groenrugreier
  Nycticorax nycticorax  Black-crowned Night Heron  Gewone Nagreier
  Gorsachius leuconotus  White-backed Night Heron  Witrugnagreier
  Ixobrychus minutus  Little Bittern  Kleinrietreier (Woudapie)
  Ixobrychus sturmii  Dwarf Bittern  Dwergrietreier
HAMERKOP  Scopidae Scopus umbretta  Hamerkop  Hamerkop
STORKS  Ciconiidae Ciconia ciconia  White Stork  Witooievaar
  Ciconia nigra  Black Stork  Grootswartooievaar
  Ciconia abdimii  Abdim's Stork  Kleinswartooievaar
    Anastomus lamelligerus  African Openbill  Oopbekooievaar
    Ephippiorhynchus senegalensis  Saddle-billed Stork  Saalbekooievaar
  Leptoptilos crumenifer  Marabou Stork  Maraboe
  Mycteria ibis  Yellow-billed Stork  Nimmersat
IBISES  Threskiornithidae Threskiornis aethiopicus  African Sacred Ibis  Skoorsteenveër
  Plegadis falcinellus  Glossy Ibis  Glansibis
  Bostrychia hagedash  Hadeda Ibis  Hadeda
  Platalea alba  African Spoonbill  Lepelaar
FLAMINGOS  Phoenicopteridae Phoenicopterus roseus  Greater Flamingo  Grootflamink
    Phoeniconaias minor  Lesser Flamingo  Kleinflamink
DUCKS, GEESE  Anatidae Dendrocygna viduata  White-faced Whistling Duck  Nonnetjie-eend
  Dendrocygna bicolor  Fulvous Whistling Duck  Fluiteend
  Thalassornis leuconotus  White-backed Duck  Witrugeend
  Alopochen aegyptiaca  Egyptian Goose  Kolgans
    Tadorna cana  South African Shelduck  Kopereend
  Anas undulata  Yellow-billed Duck  Geelbekeend
  Anas sparsa  African Black Duck  Swarteend
  Anas capensis  Cape Teal  Teeleend
  Anas hottentota  Hottentot Teal  Gevlekte Eend
  Anas erythrorhyncha  Red-billed Teal  Rooibekeend
  Anas smithii  Cape Shoveler  Kaapse Slopeend
  Netta erythrophthalma  Southern Pochard  Bruineend
  Nettapus aurituAfrican Pygmy Goose  Dwerggans
  Sarkidiornis melanotos  Knob-billed Duck  Knobbeleend
  Plectropterus gambensis  Spur-winged Goose  Wildemakou
  Oxyura maccoa  Maccoa Duck  Bloubekeend
SECRETARYBIRD  Sagittariidae Sagittarius serpentarius  Secretarybird  Sekretarisvoël
VULTURES, HAWKS, EAGLES  Accipitridae Gyps coprotheres  Cape Vulture  Kransaasvoël
  Gyps africanus  White-backed Vulture  Witrugaasvoël
  Torgos tracheliotos  Lappet-faced Vulture  Swartaasvoël
Milvus migrans  Black Kite  Swartwou
  Milvus aegyptius  Yellow-billed Kite  Geelbekwou
  Elanus caeruleus  Black-winged Kite  Blouvalk
  Aviceda cuculoides  African Cuckoo-Hawk  Koekoekvalk
  Macheiramphus alcinus  Bat Hawk  Vlermuisvalk
  Pernis apivorus  European Honey Buzzard  Wespedief
  Aquila verreauxii  Verreaux's Eagle  Witkruisarend
    Aquila rapax  Tawny Eagle  Roofarend
    Aquila nipalensis  Steppe Eagle  Steppe-arend
    Clanga pomarina  Lesser Spotted Eagle  Gevlekte Arend
  Hieraaetus wahlbergi  Wahlberg's Eagle  Bruinarend
  Hieraaetus pennatus  Booted Eagle  Dwergarend
  Aquila spilogaster  African Hawk-Eagle  Grootjagarend
  Hieraaetus ayresii  Ayres's Hawk-Eagle  Kleinjagarend
  Lophaetus occipitalis  Long-crested Eagle  Langkuifarend
  Polemaetus bellicosus  Martial Eagle  Breëkoparend
  Stephanoaetus coronatus Crowned Eagle Kroonarend
  Circaetus cinereus  Brown Snake Eagle  Bruinslangarend
  Circaetus pectoralis  Black-chested Snake Eagle  Swartborsslangarend
Terathopius ecaudatus  Bateleur  Berghaan
  Haliaeetus vocifer  African Fish Eagle  Visarend
  Buteo buteo  Common Buzzard  Bruinjakkalsvoël
  Buteo rufofuscus  Jackal Buzzard  Rooiborsjakkalsvoël
  Kaupifalco monogrammicus  Lizard Buzzard  Akkedisvalk
  Accipiter ovampensis  Ovambo Sparrowhawk  Ovambosperwer
  Accipiter minullus  Little Sparrowhawk  Kleinsperwer
  Accipiter melanoleucus  Black Sparrowhawk  Swartsperwer
  Accipiter badius  Shikra  Gebande Sperwer
  Accipiter tachiro  African Goshawk  Afrikaanse Sperwer  
  Micronisus gabar  Gabar Goshawk  Witkruissperwer (Kleinsingvalk)
  Melierax canorus  Pale Chanting Goshawk  Bleeksingvalk
    Circus ranivorus  African Marsh Harrier  Afrikaanse Vleivalk (Paddavreter)
  Circus pygargus  Montagu's Harrier  Blouvleivalk (Paddavreter)
    Circus macrourus  Pallid Harrier  Witborsvleivalk (Paddavreter)
  Polyboroides typus  African Harrier-Hawk  Kaalwangvalk
OSPREY  Pandionidae Pandion haliaetus  Western Osprey  Visvalk
FALCONS, KESTRELS  Falconidae Falco peregrinus  Peregrine Falcon  Swerfvalk
  Falco biarmicus  Lanner Falcon  Edelvalk
  Falco subbuteo  Eurasian Hobby  Europese Boomvalk
    Falco vespertinus  Red-footed Falcon  Westelike Rooipootvalk
  Falco amurensis  Amur Falcon  Oostelike Rooipootvalk
  Falco rupicolus  Rock Kestrel  Kransvalk
  Falco rupicoloides  Greater Kestrel  Grootrooivalk
  Falco naumanni  Lesser Kestrel  Kleinrooivalk
FRANCOLINS, SPURFOWL  Phasianidae Peliperdix coqui  Coqui Francolin  Swempie  
  Dendroperdix sephaena  Crested Francolin  Bospatrys
  Scleroptila shelleyi  Shelley's Francolin  Laeveldpatrys
  Pternistis natalensis  Natal Spurfowl  Natalse Fisant
  Pternistis swainsonii  Swainson's Spurfowl  Bosveldfisant
QUAILS  Phasianidae   Coturnix coturnix  Common Quail  Afrikaanse Kwartel
  Coturnix delegorguei  Harlequin Quail  Bontkwartel
GUINEAFOWL  Numididae Numida meleagris  Helmeted Guineafowl  Gewone Tarentaal
BUTTONQUAIL  Turnicidae Turnix sylvaticus  Common Buttonquail  Bosveldkwarteltjie
CRANES  Gruidae Bugeranus carunculatus  Wattled Crane  Lelkraanvoël
  Grus paradisea   Blue Crane  Bloukraanvoël
    Balearica regulorum   Grey Crowned Crane  Mahem
CRAKES, RAILS, etc  Rallidae Rallus caerulescens  African Rail  Grootriethaan
  Crex crex  Corn Crake  Kwartelkoning
  Crecopsis egregia  African Crake  Afrikaanse Riethaan
  Amaurornis flavirostra  Black Crake  Swartriethaan
FLUFFTAILS  Sarothruridae Sarothrura rufa  Red-chested Flufftail  Rooiborsvleikuiken
    Sarothrura elegans  Buff-spotted Flufftail  Gevlekte Vleikuiken
  Porphyrio madagascariensis  African Swamphen  Grootkoningriethaan
  Porphyrio alleni  Allen's Gallinule  Kleinkoningriethaan
  Gallinula chloropus  Common Moorhen  Grootwaterhoender
  Paragallinula angulata  Lesser Moorhen  Kleinwaterhoender
  Fulica cristata  Red-knobbed Coot  Bleshoender
FINFOOT  Heliornithidae Podica senegalensis  African Finfoot  Watertrapper
BUSTARDS  Otididae Ardeotis kori  Kori Bustard  Gompou
  Neotis denhami  Denham's Bustard  Veldpou
  Eupodotis senegalensis  White-bellied Bustard  Noordelike Witpenskorhaan
  Lophotis ruficrista  Red-crested Korhaan  Boskorhaan
    Afrotis afraoides  Northern Black Korhaan  Witvlerkkorhaan
JACANA  Jacanidae Actophilornis africanus  African Jacana  Grootlangtoon
PAINTED SNIPE  Rostratulidae Rostratula benghalensis  Greater Painted Snipe  Goudsnip
PLOVERS, LAPWINGS  Charadriidae Charadrius hiaticula  Common Ringed Plover  Ringnekstrandkiewiet
  Charadrius pecuarius  Kittlitz's Plover  Geelborsstrandkiewiet
  Charadrius tricollaris  Three-banded Plover  Driebandstrandkiewiet
  Charadrius asiaticus  Caspian Plover  Asiatiese Strandkiewiet
  Pluvialis squatarola  Grey Plover  Grysstrandkiewiet
  Vanellus coronatus  Crowned Lapwing  Kroonkiewiet
  Vanellus armatus  Blacksmith Lapwing  Bontkiewiet
  Vanellus senegallus  African Wattled Lapwing  Lelkiewiet
WADERS  Scolopacidae Actitis hypoleucos  Common Sandpiper  Gewone Ruiter
    Tringa ochropus  Green Sandpiper  Witgatruiter
  Tringa glareola  Wood Sandpiper  Bosruiter
  Tringa stagnatilis  Marsh Sandpiper  Moerasruiter
  Tringa nebularia  Common Greenshank  Groenpootruiter
    Calidris ferruginea  Curlew Sandpiper  Krombekstrandloper
    Calidris minuta  Little Stint  Kleinstrandloper
  Philomachus pugnax  Ruff  Kemphaan
  Gallinago nigripennis  African Snipe  Afrikaanse Snip
AVOCETS, STILTS  Recurvirostridae Recurvirostra avosetta  Pied Avocet  Bontelsie
  Himantopus himantopus  Black-winged Stilt  Rooipootelsie
THICK-KNEES  Burhinidae Burhinus capensis  Spotted Thick-knee  Gewone Dikkop
  Burhinus vermiculatus  Water Thick-knee  Waterdikkop
COURSERS, PRATINCOLES  Glareolidae Cursorius temminckii  Temminck's Courser  Trekdrawwertjie
  Rhinoptilus chalcopterus  Bronze-winged Courser  Bronsvlerkdrawwertjie
  Glareola nordmanni  Black-winged Pratincole  Swartvlerksprinkaanvoël
GULLS, TERNS  Laridae Chroicocephalus cirrocephalus  Grey-headed Gull  Gryskopmeeu
  Onychoprion fuscatus   Sooty Tern  Roetsterretjie
  Chlidonias hybrida  Whiskered Tern  Witbaardsterretjie
  Chlidonias leucopterus  White-winged Tern  Witvlerksterretjie
SANDGROUSE  Pteroclidae Pterocles burchelli  Burchell's Sandgrouse  Gevlekte Sandpatrys
  Pterocles bicinctus  Double-banded Sandgrouse  Dubbelbandsandpatrys
DOVES, PIGEONS  Columbidae   Columba livia  Rock Dove  Tuinduif
  Columba guinea  Speckled Pigeon  Kransduif
  Columba arquatrix  African Olive Pigeon  Geelbekbosduif
  Streptopelia semitorquata  Red-eyed Dove  Grootringduif
  Streptopelia capicola  Cape Turtle Dove  Gewone Tortelduif
  Spilopelia senegalensis  Laughing Dove  Rooiborsduifie
  Oena capensis  Namaqua Dove  Namakwaduifie
  Turtur chalcospilos  Emerald-spotted Wood Dove  Groenvlekduifie
  Treron calvus  African Green Pigeon  Papegaaiduif
PARROT Psittacidae Poicephalus meyeri  Meyer's Parrot  Bosveldpapegaai
TURACOS  Musophagidae Turaco porphyreolopha  Purple-crested Turaco  Bloukuifloerie
  Corythaixoides concolor  Grey Go-away-bird  Kwêvoël
CUCKOOS, COUCALS  Cuculidae Cuculus canorus  Common Cuckoo  Europese Koekoek
  Cuculus gularis  African Cuckoo  Afrikaanse Koekoek
  Cuculus solitarius  Red-chested Cuckoo  Piet-my-vrou
  Cuculus clamosus  Black Cuckoo  Swartkoekoek
  Clamator glandarius  Great Spotted Cuckoo  Gevlekte Koekoek
  Clamator levaillantii  Levaillant's Cuckoo  Gestreepte Nuwejaarsvoël
  Clamator jacobinus  Jacobin Cuckoo  Bontnuwejaarsvoël
  Chrysococcyx cupreus  African Emerald Cuckoo  Mooimeisie
  Chrysococcyx klaas  Klaas's Cuckoo  Meitjie
  Chrysococcyx caprius  Diederik Cuckoo  Diederikkie
  Centropus burchelli  Burchell's Coucal  Gewone Vleiloerie
TYTO OWLS  Tytonidae Tyto alba  Western Barn Owl  Nonnetjie-uil
  Tyto capensis  African Grass Owl  Grasuil
OWLS   Strigidae Asio capensis  Marsh Owl  Vlei-uil
  Otus senegalensis  African Scops Owl  Skopsuil
  Ptilopsis granti  Southern White-faced Owl  Witwanguil
  Glaucidium perlatum  Pearl-spotted Owlet  Witkoluil
    Bubo capensis  Cape Eagle-Owl  Kaapse Ooruil
  Bubo africanus  Spotted Eagle-Owl  Gevlekte Ooruil
  Bubo lacteus  Verreaux's Eagle-Owl  Reuse-ooruil
NIGHTJARS  Caprimulgidae Caprimulgus europaeus  European Nightjar  Europese Naguil
  Caprimulgus pectoralis  Fiery-necked Nightjar  Afrikaanse Naguil
  Caprimulgus rufigena  Rufous-cheeked Nightjar  Rooiwangnaguil
  Caprimulgus tristigma  Freckled Nightjar  Donkernaguil
    Caprimulgus fossii  Square-tailed Nightjar  Laeveldnaguil
  Caprimulgus vexillarius  Pennant-winged Nightjar  Wimpelvlerknaguil
SWIFTS  Apodidae Apus apus  Common Swift  Europese Windswael
  Apus barbatus  African Black Swift  Swartwindswael
  Apus caffer  White-rumped Swift  Witkruiswindswael
  Apus horus  Horus Swift  Horuswindswael
  Apus affinis  Little Swift  Kleinwindswael
  Tachymarptis melba  Alpine Swift  Witpenswindswael
  Cypsiurus parvus  African Palm Swift  Palmwindswael
MOUSEBIRDS  Coliidae Colius striatus  Speckled Mousebird  Gevlekte Muisvoël
  Urocolius indicus  Red-faced Mousebird  Rooiwangmuisvoël
TROGON  Trogonidae Apaloderma narina  Narina Trogon  Bosloerie
KINGFISHERS  Alcedinidae Ceryle rudis  Pied Kingfisher  Bontvisvanger
  Megaceryle maxima  Giant Kingfisher  Reusevisvanger
  Alcedo semitorquata  Half-collared Kingfisher  Blouvisvanger
  Corythornis cristata  Malachite Kingfisher  Kuifkopvisvanger
  Ispidina picta  African Pygmy Kingfisher  Dwergvisvanger
  Halcyon senegalensis  Woodland Kingfisher  Bosveldvisvanger
  Halcyon albiventris  Brown-hooded Kingfisher  Bruinkopvisvanger  
  Halcyon leucocephala  Grey-headed Kingfisher  Gryskopvisvanger
  Halcyon chelicuti  Striped Kingfisher  Gestreepte Visvanger  
BEE-EATERS  Meropidae Merops apiaster  European Bee-eater  Europese Byvreter
  Merops persicus  Blue-cheeked Bee-eater  Blouwangbyvreter
  Merops nubicoides  Southern Carmine Bee-eater  Rooiborsbyvreter
  Merops bullockoides  White-fronted Bee-eater  Rooikeelbyvreter
  Merops pusillus  Little Bee-eater  Kleinbyvreter
  Merops hirundineus  Swallow-tailed Bee-eater  Swaelstertbyvreter
ROLLERS  Coraciidae Coracias garrulus  European Roller  Europese Troupant
  Coracias caudatus  Lilac-breasted Roller  Gewone Troupant
  Coracias spatulatus  Racket-tailed Roller  Knopsterttroupant
  Coracias naevius  Purple Roller  Groottroupant
  Eurystomus glaucurus  Broad-billed Roller  Geelbektroupant
HOOPOES  Upupidae Upupa africana  African Hoopoe  Hoephoep
WOOD HOOPOES  Phoeniculidae Phoeniculus purpureus  Green Wood-hoopoe  Rooibekkakelaar
  Rhinopomastus cyanomelas  Common Scimitarbill  Swartbekkakelaar
HORNBILLS  Bucerotidae Tockus nasutus  African Grey Hornbill  Grysneushoringvoël
  Tockus rufirostris  Southern Red-billed Hornbill  Rooibekneushoringvoël
  Tockus leucomelas  Southern Yellow-billed Hornbill  Geelbekneushoringvoël
GROUND HORNBILLS Bucorvidae Bucorvus leadbeateri  Southern Ground Hornbill  Bromvoël
BARBETS  Lybiidae Lybius torquatus  Black-collared Barbet  Rooikophoutkapper
  Tricholaema leucomelas  Acacia Pied Barbet  Bonthoutkapper
  Pogoniulus chrysoconus  Yellow-fronted Tinkerbird  Geelblestinker
  Trachyphonus vaillantii  Crested Barbet  Kuifkophoutkapper
HONEYGUIDES  Indicatoriidae Indicator indicator  Greater Honeyguide  Grootheuningwyser
  Indicator minor  Lesser Honeyguide  Kleinheuningwyser
  Prodotiscus regulus  Brown-backed Honeybird  Skerpbekheuningvoël
WOODPECKERS  Picidae Campethera bennettii  Bennett's Woodpecker  Bennettspeg
  Campethera abingoni  Golden-tailed Woodpecker  Goudstertspeg
  Dendropicos fuscescens  Cardinal Woodpecker  Kardinaalspeg
  Dendropicos namaquus  Bearded Woodpecker  Baardspeg
  Jynx ruficollis  Red-throated Wryneck  Draaihals
LARKS  Alaudidae Mirafra passerina  Monotonous Lark  Bosveldlewerik
  Mirafra africana  Rufous-naped Lark  Rooineklewerik
  Mirafra fasciolata  Eastern Clapper Lark  Hoëveldklappertjie
  Mirafra rufocinnamomea  Flappet Lark  Laeveldklappertjie
  Calendulauda africanoides  Fawn-coloured Lark  Vaalbruinlewerik
  Calendulauda sabota  Sabota Lark  Sabotalewerik
  Pinarocorys nigricans  Dusky Lark  Donkerlewerik
  Calandrella cinerea  Red-capped Lark  Rooikoplewerik
  Eremopterix leucotis  Chestnut-backed Sparrow-Lark  Rooiruglewerik
  Eremopterix verticalis  Grey-backed Sparrow-Lark  Grysruglewerik  
SWALLOWS, MARTINS  Hirundinidae Hirundo rustica  Barn Swallow  Europese Swael
  Hirundo albigularis  White-throated Swallow  Witkeelswael
  Hirundo smithii  Wire-tailed Swallow  Draadstertswael
  Hirundo dimidiata  Pearl-breasted Swallow  Pêrelborsswael
  Cecropis semirufa  Red-breasted Swallow  Rooiborsswael
  Cecropis cucullata  Greater Striped Swallow  Grootstreepswael
  Cecropis abyssinica  Lesser Striped Swallow  Kleinstreepswael
    Petrochelidon spilodera  South African Cliff Swallow  Familieswael
  Ptyonoprogne fuligula  Rock Martin  Kransswael
  Delichon urbicum  Common House Martin  Huisswael
    Riparia riparia  Sand Martin  Europese Oewerswael
  Riparia paludicola  Brown-throated Martin  Afrikaanse Oewerswael
  Riparia cincta  Banded Martin  Gebande Oewerswael
CUCKOOSHRIKES  Campephagidae Campephaga flava  Black Cuckooshrike  Swartkatakoeroe
    Coracina pectoralis  White-breasted Cuckooshrike  Witborskatakoeroe
  Coracina caesia  Grey Cuckooshrike  Bloukatakoeroe
DRONGO  Dicruridae Dicrurus adsimilis  Fork-tailed Drongo  Mikstertbyvanger
ORIOLES  Oriolidae Oriolus oriolus  Eurasian Golden Oriole  Europese Wielewaal
  Oriolus auratus  African Golden Oriole  Afrikaanse Wielewaal
  Oriolus larvatus  Black-headed Oriole  Swartkopwielewaal
CROWS, RAVENS  Corvidae Corvus albus  Pied Crow  Witborskraai
  Corvus albicolis  White-necked Raven  Withalskraai
TITS  Paridae   Parus cinerascens  Ashy Tit  Akasiagrysmees
  Parus niger  Southern Black Tit  Gewone Swartmees
PENDULINE TITS  Remizidae Anthoscopus minutus  Cape Penduline Tit  Kaapse Kapokvoël
  Anthoscopus caroli  Grey Penduline Tit  Gryskapokvoël
CREEPER  Certhiidae Salpornis salvadori  African Spotted Creeper  Boomkruiper
BABBLERS  Timaliidae Turdoides jardineii  Arrow-marked Babbler  Pylvlekkatlagter
  Turdoides bicolor  Southern Pied Babbler  Witkatlagter
BULBULS  Pycnonotidae Pycnonotus nigricans  African Red-eyed Bulbul  Rooioogtiptol
  Pycnonotus tricolor  Dark-capped Bulbul  Swartoogtiptol
  Phyllastrephus terrestris  Terrestrial Brownbul  Boskrapper
  Chlorocichla flaviventris  Yellow-bellied Greenbul  Geelborswillie
THRUSHES, CHATS, ROBIN-CHATS, etc  Turdidae Turdus libonyanus  Kurrichane Thrush  Rooibeklyster
(Note: the taxonomy of this group has recently been revised) Turdus smithii  Karoo Thrush  Geelbeklyster
  Turdus litsitsirupa  Groundscraper Thrush  Gevlekte Lyster
Monticola rupestris  Cape Rock Thrush  Kaapse Kliplyster
  Monticola brevipes  Short-toed Rock Thrush  Korttoonkliplyster
    Myrmecocichla monticola  Mountain Wheatear  Bergwagter
  Oenanthe pileata  Capped Wheatear  Hoëveldskaapwagter
  Campicoloides bifasciata  Buff-streaked Chat  Bergklipwagter
  Oenanthe familiaris  Familiar Chat  Gewone Spekvreter  
  Thamnolaea cinnamomeiventris  Mocking Cliff Chat  Dassievoël
  Myrmecocichla formicivora  Ant-eating Chat  Swartpiek
  Saxicola torquatus  African Stonechat  Gewone Bontrokkie
    Cossypha heuglini  White-browed Robin-Chat  Heuglinjanfrederik
  Cossypha caffra  Cape Robin-Chat  Gewone Janfrederik
  Cossypha humeralis  White-throated Robin-Chat  Witkeeljanfrederik
  Erythropygia leucophrys  White-browed Scrub Robin  Gestreepte Wipstert  
  Erythropygia paena  Kalahari Scrub Robin  Kalahariwipstert
  Cercotrichas quadrivirgata   Bearded Scrub Robin  Baardwipstert  
WARBLERS  Sylviidae   Sylvia borin  Garden Warbler  Tuinsanger
(Note: the taxonomy of this group has recently been revised) Sylvia communis  Common Whitethroat  Witkeelsanger
  Sylvia subcaerulea  Chestnut-vented Tit-babbler  Bosveldtjeriktik
  Hippolais icterina  Icterine Warbler  Spotsanger
  Hippolais olivetorum  Olive-tree Warbler  Olyfboomsanger
  Acrocephalus arundinaceus  Great Reed Warbler  Grootrietsanger
  Acrocephalus baeticatus  African Reed Warbler  Kleinrietsanger
    Acrocephalus palustris  Marsh Warbler  Europese Rietsanger
  Acrocephalus schoenobaenus  Sedge Warbler  Europese Vleisanger
  Acrocephalus gracilirostris  Lesser Swamp Warbler  Kaapse Rietsanger
  Bradypterus baboecala  Little Rush Warbler  Kaapse Vleisanger
  Phylloscopus trochilus  Willow Warbler  Hofsanger
  Apalis thoracica  Bar-throated Apalis  Bandkeelkleinjantjie
  Apalis flavida  Yellow-breasted Apalis  Geelborskleinjantjie
  Sylvietta rufescens  Long-billed Crombec  Bosveldstompstert
  Eremomela icteropygialis  Yellow-bellied Eremomela  Geelpensbossanger
  Eremomela scotops  Green-capped Eremomela  Donkerwangbossanger
  Eremomela usticollis  Burnt-necked Eremomela  Bruinkeelbossanger
  Camaroptera brevicaudata  Grey-backed Camaroptera  Grysrugkwêkwêvoël
  Calamonastes fasciolatus  Barred Wren-Warbler  Gebande Sanger
  Sphenoeacus afer  Cape Grassbird  Grasvoël
CISTICOLAS  Cisticolidae Cisticola juncidis  Zitting Cisticola  Landeryklopkloppie
  Cisticola aridulus  Desert Cisticola  Woestynklopkloppie
    Cisticola textrix  Cloud Cisticola  Gevlekte Klopkloppie
  Cisticola ayresii  Wing-snapping Cisticola  Kleinste Klopkloppie
    Cisticola rufilatus  Tinkling Cisticola  Rooitinktinkie
  Cisticola chiniana  Rattling Cisticola  Bosveldtinktinkie
  Cisticola tinniens  Levaillant's Cisticola  Vleitinktinkie
  Cisticola aberrans  Lazy Cisticola  Luitinktinkie
  Cisticola fulvicapilla  Neddicky  Neddikkie
  Prinia subflava  Tawny-flanked Prinia  Bruinsylangstertjie
  Prinia flavicans  Black-chested Prinia  Swartbandlangstertjie
FLYCATCHERS  Muscicapidae Muscicapa striata  Spotted Flycatcher  Europese Vlieëvanger
(Note: the taxonomy of this group has recently been revised) Muscicapa caerulescens  Ashy Flycatcher  Blougrysvlieëvanger
  Myioparus plumbeus  Grey Tit-Flycatcher  Waaierstertvlieëvanger  
  Melaenornis pammelaina  Southern Black Flycatcher  Swartvlieëvanger
  Bradornis mariquensis  Marico Flycatcher  Maricovlieëvanger
  Bradornis pallidus  Pale Flycatcher  Muiskleurvlieëvanger
  Sigelus silens  Fiscal Flycatcher  Fiskaalvlieëvanger
BATISES, etc  Platysteiridae Batis capensis  Cape Batis  Kaapse Bosbontrokkie
(Note: the taxonomy of this group has recently been revised) Batis molitor  Chinspot Batis  Witliesbosbontrokkie
    Platysteira peltata  Black-throated Wattle-eye  Beloogbosbontrokkie
  Stenostira scita  Fairy Flycatcher  Feevlieëvanger
    Trochocercus cyanomelas  Blue-mantled Crested Flycatcher  Bloukuifvlieëvanger
  Terpsiphone viridis  African Paradise Flycatcher  Paradysvlieëvanger
WAGTAILS, PIPITS, LONGCLAWS  Motacillidae Motacilla aguimp  African Pied Wagtail  Bontkwikkie
  Motacilla clara  Mountain Wagtail  Bergkwikkie
  Motacilla capensis  Cape Wagtail  Gewone Kwikkie
    Motacilla flava  Western Yellow Wagtail  Geelkwikkie
  Anthus cinnamomeus  African Pipit  Gewone Koester
  Anthus similis  Nicholson's Pipit  Nicholsonkoester
  Anthus leucophrys  Plain-backed Pipit  Donkerkoester
  Anthus vaalensis  Buffy Pipit  Vaalkoester
  Anthus lineiventris  Striped Pipit  Gestreepte Koester
    Anthus trivialis  Tree Pipit  Boomkoester
  Anthus caffer  Bushveld Pipit  Bosveldkoester
  Macronyx capensis  Cape Longclaw  Oranjekeelkalkoentjie
SHRIKES  Laniidae Lanius minor  Lesser Grey Shrike  Gryslaksman
  Lanius collaris  Southern Fiscal  Fiskaallaksman
  Lanius collurio  Red-backed Shrike  Rooiruglaksman
  Urolestes melanoleucus  Magpie Shrike  Langstertlaksman
  Eurocephalus anguitimens  Southern White-crowned Shrike  Kremetartlaksman
BUSHSHRIKES  Malaconotidae Laniarius ferrugineus  Southern Boubou  Suidelike Waterfiskaal
  Laniarius atrococcineus  Crimson-breasted Shrike  Rooiborslaksman
  Dryoscopus cubla  Black-backed Puffback  Sneeubal
  Nilaus afer  Brubru  Bontroklaksman
  Tchagra australis  Brown-crowned Tchagra  Rooivlerktjagra
  Tchagra senegalus  Black-crowned Tchagra  Swartkroontjagra
  Chlorophoneus sulfureopectus  Orange-breasted Bushshrike  Oranjeborsboslaksman
  Malaconotus blanchoti  Grey-headed Bushshrike  Spookvoël
HELMET-SHRIKES  Prionopidae Prionops plumatus  White-crested Helmetshrike  Withelmlaksman
  Prionops retzii  Retz's Helmetshrike  Swarthelmlaksman
STARLINGS  Sturnidae Acridotheres tristis  Common Myna  Indiese Spreeu
  Creatophora cinerea  Wattled Starling  Lelspreeu
  Cinnyricinclus leucogaster  Violet-backed Starling  Witborsspreeu
  Lamprotornis australis  Burchell's Starling  Grootglansspreeu
  Lamprotornis nitens  Cape Starling  Kleinglansspreeu
    Lamprotornis chalybaeus  Greater Blue-eared Starling  Groot-blouoorglansspreeu
  Onychognathus morio  Red-winged Starling  Rooivlerkspreeu
OXPECKERS  Buphagidae Buphagus africanus   Yellow-billed Oxpecker  Geelbekrenostervoël
  Buphagus erythrorhynchus  Red-billed Oxpecker  Rooibekrenostervoël
SUGARBIRDS  Promeropidae Promerops gurneyi  Gurney’s Sugarbird  Rooiborssuikervoël
SUNBIRDS  Nectariniidae Nectarinia famosa  Malachite Sunbird  Jangroentjie
  Cinnyris mariquensis  Marico Sunbird  Maricosuikerbekkie
  Cinnyris afer  Greater Double-collared Sunbird  Groot-rooibandsuikerbekkie
  Cinnyris talatala  White-bellied Sunbird  Witpenssuikerbekkie
  Chalcomitra amethystina  Amethyst Sunbird  Swartsuikerbekkie
    Chalcomitra senegalensis  Scarlet-chested Sunbird  Rooiborssuikerbekkie
WHITE-EYES Zosteropidae Zosterops virens  Cape White-eye  Kaapse Glasogie
SPARROWS  Passeridae Bubalornis niger  Red-billed Buffalo Weaver  Buffelwewer
  Plocepasser mahali  White-browed Sparrow-Weaver  Koringvoël
  Passer domesticus  House Sparrow  Huismossie
  Passer motitensis  Great Sparrow  Grootmossie
  Passer melanurus  Cape Sparrow  Gewone Mossie
  Passer diffusus  Southern Grey-headed Sparrow  Gryskopmossie
  Gymnoris superciliaris  Yellow-throated Bush Sparrow  Geelvlekmossie
WEAVERS, BISHOPS, QUELEAS, WIDOWBIRDS  Ploceidae Sporopipes squamifrons  Scaly-feathered Finch  Baardmannetjie
  Amblyospiza albifrons  Thick-billed Weaver  Dikbekwewer
  Ploceus ocularis  Spectacled Weaver  Brilwewer
  Ploceus cucullatus  Village Weaver  Bontrugwewer
  Ploceus capensis  Cape Weaver  Kaapse Wewer
  Ploceus velatus  Southern Masked Weaver  Swartkeelgeelvink
  Ploceus intermedius  Lesser Masked Weaver  Kleingeelvink
  Anaplectes rubriceps  Red-headed Weaver  Rooikopwewer
  Anomalospiza imberbis  Cuckoo Finch  Koekoekvink
  Quelea quelea  Red-billed Quelea  Rooibekkwelea
  Euplectes orix  Southern Red Bishop  Rooivink
  Euplectes afer  Yellow-crowned Bishop  Goudgeelvink
  Euplectes albonotatus  White-winged Widowbird  Witvlerkflap
  Euplectes ardens  Red-collared Widowbird  Rooikeelflap
  Euplectes progne  Long-tailed Widowbird  Langstertflap
PYTILIAS, FIREFINCHES, WAXBILLS, etc  Estrildidae Pytilia afra  Orange-winged Pytilia  Oranjevlerkmelba
  Pytilia melba  Green-winged Pytilia  Gewone Melba
  Mandingoa nitidula  Green Twinspot  Groenkolpensie  
    Lagonosticta rubricata  African Firefinch  Kaapse Vuurvinkie
  Lagonosticta rhodopareia  Jameson's Firefinch  Jamesonvuurvinkie
  Lagonosticta senegala  Red-billed Firefinch  Rooibekvuurvinkie
  Uraeginthus angolensis  Blue Waxbill  Gewone Blousysie
  Uraeginthus granatina  Violet-eared Waxbill  Koningblousysie
  Estrilda astrild  Common Waxbill  Rooibeksysie
  Estrilda erythronotos  Black-faced Waxbill  Swartwangsysie
  Coccopygia melanotis  Swee Waxbill  Suidelike Swie
  Ortygospiza fuscocrissa  African Quail-Finch  Gewone Kwartelvinkie
  Amandava subflavus  Orange-breasted Waxbill  Rooiassie
  Amadina fasciata  Cut-throat Finch  Bandkeelvink
  Amadina erythrocephala  Red-headed Finch  Rooikopvink
  Lonchura cucullata  Bronze Mannikin  Gewone Fret
WHYDAHS, INDIGOBIRDS   Viduidae Vidua macroura  Pin-tailed Whydah  Koningrooibekkie
  Vidua regia  Shaft-tailed Whydah  Pylstertrooibekkie
  Vidua paradisaea  Long-tailed Paradise Whydah  Gewone Paradysvink
    Vidua funerea  Dusky Indigobird  Gewone Blouvinkie
  Vidua purpurascens  Purple Indigobird  Witpootblouvinkie
  Vidua chalybeata  Village Indigobird  Staalblouvinkie
CANARIES  Fringillidae Crithagra mozambica  Yellow-fronted Canary  Geeloogkanarie
  Crithagra atrogularis  Black-throated Canary  Bergkanarie
    Crithagra flaviventris  Yellow Canary  Geelkanarie
  Crithagra gularis  Streaky-headed Seedeater  Streepkopkanarie
BUNTINGS  Emberizidae Emberiza flaviventris  Golden-breasted Bunting  Rooirugstreepkoppie
  Emberiza capensis  Cape Bunting  Rooivlerkstreepkoppie
  Emberiza tahapisi  Cinnamon-breasted Bunting  Klipstreepkoppie
    Emberiza impetuani  Lark-like Bunting  Vaalstreepkoppie

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