Painted Reed Frog


A list of frogs occurring in the Waterberg can be downloaded here. Those that have been photographed in the Waterberg are marked below by    and these can be viewed by clicking on the species name - additions to this very incomplete photographic collection are welcomed. Waterberg target species (red-listed and/or endemic) are highlighted inred.

For a quick overview of the frogs recorded in the Waterberg click here.

List of Frogs of the Waterberg
(With thanks to Dr. Niels Jacobsen for compilation of the list. Names follow those used in
The Atlas and Red Data Book of the Frogs of South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland; 9 SI/MAB Series 2004)
RAIN FROGS/RE√čN PADDAS  Breviceptidae Breviceps adspersus  Bushveld Rain Frog  Bosveldreënpadda
TOADS/SKURWEPADDAS  Bufonidae Amietophrynus garmani  Eastern Olive Toad Olyfskurwepadda
Amietophrynus gutturalis  Gutteral Toad  Gorrelskurwepadda
  Amietophrynus maculatus  Flat-backed Toad  Gestreepte skurwepadda
Amietophrynus rangeri  Raucous Toad  Lawaaiskurwepadda
Poyntonophrynus fenoulheti  Northern Pygmy Toad  Noordelike dwergskurwepadda
Schismaderma carens  Red Toad  Rooiskurwepadda
REED FROGS/RIETPADDAS  Hyperoliidae Hyperolius marmoratus  Painted Reed Frog  Skilderbontrietpadda
Kassina senegalensis  Bubbling Kassina Borrelvleipadda
PUDDLE FROGS/MODDERPADDAS  Phrynobatrachidae   Phrynobatrachus mababiensis  Dwarf Puddle Frog  Dwergmodderpadda
Phrynobatrachus natalensis  Snoring Puddle Frog  Snorkmodderpadda  
RUBBER FROGS/RUBBERPADDAS  Microhylidae Phrynomantis bifasciatus  Banded Rubber Frog  Gebande rubberpadda
GRASS FROGS/GRASPADDAS  Ptychadenidae   Hildebrandtia ornata  Ornate Frog  Skilderbontpadda
Ptychadena anchietae  Plain Grass Frog  Rooiruggraspadda  
Ptychadena porosissima  Striped Grass Frog  Gestreepte graspadda
Ptychadena mossambica  Broad-banded Grass Frog  Breëbandgraspadda
PLATANNAS  Pipidae Xenopus laevis laevis  Common Platanna  Gewone platanna
COMMON FROGS/GEWONE PADDAS  Pyxicephalidae Amietia angolensis  River Frog  Rivierpadda
  Amietia delalandii  Delalande's River Frog  Gewone rivierpadda
Cacosternum boettgeri  Boettger's Caco Gewone blikslanertjie
Pyxicephalus adspersus  Giant Bullfrog  Grootbrulpadda
Pyxicephalus edulis  African Bullfrog  Kleinbrulpadda
Strongylopus fasciatus  Striped Stream Frog  Gestreepte Langtoonpadda
Strongylopus grayii  Clicking Stream Frog  Kliklangtoonpadda
Tomopterna cryptotis  Tremolo Sand Frog  Trillersandpadda
Tomopterna krugerensis  Knocking Sand Frog  Sandveld-sandpadda
Tomopterna marmorata  Russet-backed Sand Frog  Rooirugsandpadda
Tomopterna natalensis  Natal Sand Frog  Natalse sandpadda
FOAM NEST FROGS/SKUIMNESPADDAS  Rhacophoridae Chiromantis xerampelina  Southern Foam-Nest Frog  Grootgrysskuimnespadda

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