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Currently (July 2019) some 206 species of butterflies have been recorded in the Waterberg and a further ten may occur but confirmation of this is required. A spreadsheet of their names can be downloaded here and a PDF which illustrates all the species, both male and female, from above and below, can be downloaded here. Those that have been photographed in the Waterberg are marked below by and these can be viewed by clicking on the species name - additions to this very incomplete photographic collection are welcomed.

Waterberg target species (red-listed and/or endemic) are highlighted inred. RC = requires confirmation.

For a quick overview of each of the five families, Nymphalidae, Lycaenidae, Pieridae, Papilionidae,  Hesperiidae you can see a composite of each by clicking on the required family name.

Most of the butterflies found in the Waterberg are widespread savanna species but there are two endemics, both with very restricted ranges: Jerine's Widow Dingana jerinae is confined to high-lying areas in and alongside Marekele National Park and the Waterberg Copper Erikssonia edgei (red-listed as Critical) is restricted to a few hectares of grassland in Bateleur Nature Reserve - you can find out more about it here. A third range-restricted species, near-endemic to the Waterberg is Barber's Acraea Acraea barberi.

To increase what is known about the butterflies of the Waterberg please consider submitting any geo-referenced, dated photograph of any butterfly taken here to the Atlas of African Lepidoptera. The site is referred to as LepiMap and details of how to submit records can be found at - we'd welcome the photos too, to add to this collection.

Reference: Mecenero et al. 2013. Conservation assessment of butterflies of South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland: Red list and atlas. Saftronics, Johannesburg & Animal Demography Unit, Cape Town.

List of Butterflies of the Waterberg
(With thanks to Dr Mark Williams for the compilation of this list and for providing the downloadable illustrated checklist)

Nymphalidae Acraea axina  Little Acraea  Kuiken-rooitjie
Acraea barberi  Barber's Acraea  Waterberg-rooitjie
Acraea caldarena ssp caldarena  Black-tipped Acraea  Swartpunt-rooitjie
Acraea horta  Garden Acraea  Tuin-rooitje  RC
Acraea lygus  Lygus Acraea  Son-rooitjie
Acraea neobule ssp neobule  Wandering Donkey Acraea  Dwaalesel-rooitjie
Acraea nohara ssp nohara  Light Red Acraea  Berg-rooitjie  RC
Acraea stenobea  Grizzled Bush Brown  Spikkel-bosbruintjie
Bematistes aganice  Clear-spotted Acraea  Venster-rooitjie
Bicyclus ena  Grizzled Bush Brown  Spikkel-bosbruintjie
Brakefieldia perspicua ssp perspicua  Eyed Bush Brown  Moeraswagter
Byblia anvatara ssp acheloia  African Joker  Tolliegrasvegter
Byblia ilithyia  Spotted Joker  Leliegrasvegter
Catacroptera cloanthe ssp cloanthe  Pirate  Seerower
Charaxes achaemenes achaemenes  Bushveld Charaxes  Bosveld-dubbelstert
Charaxes brutus ssp natalensis  White-barred Charaxes  Witstreep-dubbelstert
Charaxes candiope  Green-veined Charaxes Skelm-dubbelstert
Charaxes jahlusa ssp rex Pearl-spotted Charaxes Bosveld Silwerkol-dubbelstert
Charaxes phaeus  Demon Charaxes  Duiwel-dubbelstert
Charaxes saturnus  Foxy Charaxes  Koppie-dubbelstert
Charaxes vansoni  Van Son's Charaxes Huilboom-dubbelstert
Charaxes varanes ssp varanes  Pearl Charaxes  Pêrel-dubbelstert
Charaxes xipares ssp bavenda Forest-king Charaxes  Venda-boskoning-dubbelstert
Charaxes zoolina  Club-tailed Charaxes  Wit-en-bruin-dubbelstert
Coenyra rufiplaga  Secucuni Shadefly  Sekoekoenie-skadubruintjie
Coenyropsis natalii ssp natalii  Natal Brown  Skimbruintjie
Danaus chrysippus ssp vorientis  African Monarch, Plain tiger Melkbosskoenlapper
Dingana jerinae  Jerine's Widow  Kransberg Weduwee
Hamanumida daedalus  Guinea-fowl Butterfly  Tarentaaltjie
Hypolimnas misippus  Common Diadem  Blouglans (m), Na-aper (w)
Junonia hierta ssp cebrene  Yellow Pansy  Geel Gesiggie
Junonia oenone ssp oenone  Blue Pansy  Blou Gesiggie
Junonia orithya ssp madagascariensis  Eyed Pansy  Padwagtertjie
Melanitis leda  Twilight Brown  Skemerbruintjie
Neita extensa  Savanna Brown  Savanna-bergbruintjie
Neptis saclava ssp marpessa  Spotted Sailer  Spikkel-swewer
Paternympha narycia  Spotted-eye Brown  Koloog-bruintjie
Phalanta phalantha ssp aethiopica  African Leopard  Populierluiperd
Physcaeneura panda  Dark-webbed Ringlet  Gestreepte-ringetjie
Precis antilope  Darker Commodore  Rooibokblaarvlerk
Precis archesia ssp archesia  Garden Commodore  Rotsblaarvlerk
Precis ceryne ssp ceryne  Marsh Commodore  Moeras-blaarvlerk
Protogoniomorpha anacardii ssp nebulosa  Clouded Mother-of-pearl  Newel-perlemoenskoenlapper
Pseudacraea boisduvalii trimenii  Boisduvali's false acraea 
Stephenia natalica  Natal Acraea  Mosaiek-rooitjie
Stephenia oncaea  Window Acraea  Rooibokkie-rooitjie
Stygionympha wichgrafi ssp wichgrafi  Wichgraf's Hillside Brown  Gewone Rantbruintjie
Telchinia burni  Pale-yellow Acraea  Bosveld-rooitjie
Telchinia encedon ssp encedon  White-barred Acraea  Witstreep-rootjie
Telchinia esebria   Dusky Acraea 
Telchinia rahira ssp rahira  Marsh Acraea  Moeras-rooitjie
Telchinia serena  Dancing Acraea  Klein oranje-rooitjie
    Tildia acara ssp acara  Acara Acraea  Ridder-rooitjie
Tilidia anemosa  Broad-bordered Acraea  Kersboom-rooitjie
Vanessa cardui  Painted Lady  Sondagsrokkie
Ypthima asterope ssp asterope  African Ringlet  Afrikaanse-ringetjie
Ypthima impura ssp paupera  Impure Ringlet  Vuil Ringetjie
Lycaenidae Actizera lucida  Rayed Blue  Witstreep-bloutjie
Alaena amazoula ssp ochroma  Yellow Zulu  Noordelike Geel Zoeloe
Aloeides aranda  Aranda Copper  Aranda-kopervlerkie
Aloeides damarensis ssp damarensis  Damara Copper  Mashonaland Damara Kopervlerkie
Aloeides henningi  Henning's Copper  Hoëveld Kopervlerkie
Aloeides molomo ssp molomo  Molomo Copper  Molomo-kopervlerkie
Aloeides swanepoeli  Swanepoel's Copper  Reguitlyn-kopervlerkie
Aloeides taikosama  Dusky Copper  Donker Kopervlerkie
Aloeides trimeni ssp trimeni  Trimen's Copper  Bruin Kopervlerkie
Anthene amarah ssp amarah  Black Striped Hairtail  Swartstreep-kortstertjie
Anthene contrastata ssp mashuna  Mashuna Hairtail  Mashuna-kortstertjie
Anthene definita ssp definita  Common Hairtail  Donker Kortstertjie
Anthene livida ssp livida  Pale Hairtail  Bleek Kortstertjie
Anthene millari  Millar's Hairtail Bosveld Kortstertjie
Anthene otacilia ssp otacilia  Otacilia Hairtail  Blink Kortstertjie
Anthene princeps  Lebombo Hairtail  Lebombo Kortstertjie
Anthene talboti  Talbot's Hairtail  Verskuilde Kortstertjie
Aphnaeus hutchinsonii  Hutchinson's Highflier  Silwerrokkie
Axiocerses amanga ssp amanga  Bush Scarlet  Bos-rooivlerkie
Axiocerses coalescens  Black-tipped Scarlet  Swartpunt-rooivlerkie
Axiocerses tjoane ssp tjoane  Eastern Scarlet  Ralie-rooivlerkie
Azanus jesous  Topaz Babul Blue  Hemelsbloutjie
Azanus mirza  Pale Babul Blue  Oranjekol-hemelsbloutjie
Azanus moriqua  Black-bordered Babul Blue  Doringboom-hemelsbloutjie
Azanus natalensis  Natal Babul Blue  Komma-hemelsbloutjie
Azanus ubaldus  Velvet-spotted Babul Blue  Fluweelkol-hemelsbloutjie
Cacyreus lingeus  Bush Bronze  Bos-malvabloutjie
Cacyreus marshalli  Common Geranium Bronze  Malvabloutjie
Cacyreus virilis  Mocker Bronze  Na-aper-malvabloutjie
Capys disjunctus  Russet Protea  Sannie-se-suikerbossie
Chilades trochylus  Grass Jewel  Grasjuweeltjie
Chloroselas pseudozeritis ssp pseudozeritis  Brilliant Gem  Skitterjuweeltjie
Cigaritis ella  Ella's Bar  Dowweband-streepvlerkie
Cigaritis mozambica  Mozambique Bar  Oranjeband-streepvlerkie
Cigaritis natalensis  Natal Bar  Skitterblou-streepvlerkie
Cigaritis phanes  Silvery Bar  Silwerband-streepvlerkie
Cnodontes penningtoni  Pennington's Buff  Gladde-boomgeelvlerkie
Crudaria leroma  Silver Spotted Grey  Spikkel-valetjie
Cupidopsis cissus ssp cissus  Common Meadow Blue  Vleibloutjie
Cupidopsis jobates ssp jobates  Tailed Meadow Blue  Aasbloutjie
Eicochrysops hippocrates  White-tipped Blue  Witpunt-koperbloutjie  RC
Deudorix antalus  Brown Playboy  Bruin Spelertjie
Deudorix dinochares  Apricot Playboy  Appelkoos Spelertjie
Deudorix vansoni  Van Son's Playboy  Knop-spelertjie
Eicochrysops messapus ssp mahallakoaena  Cupreous Blue  Koperbloutjie
Erikssonia edgei  Waterberg Copper  Waterberg Kopervlerkie
Euchrysops barkeri  Barker's Smoky Blue  Eenkol Dowwebloutjie  RC
Euchrysops dolorosa  Sabie Smoky Blue  Donker Dowwebloutjie
Euchrysops malathana  Common Smoky Blue  Gewone Dowwebloutjie
Euchrysops osiris  Osiris Smoky Blue  Osiris Dowwebloutjie
Euchrysops subpallida  Ashen Smoky Blue  Asvaal Dowwebloutjie
Hemiolaus caeculus ssp caeculus  Azure Hairstreak  Venda-stertbloutjie
Hypolycaena philippus ssp philippus  Purplebrown Hairstreak  Persbruin Stertbloutjie
Iolaus alienus ssp alienus  Brown-line Sapphire  Bruinstreep-saffier  RC
Iolaus mimosae ssp rhodosense  Mimosa Sapphire  Bosveld Doringboom-saffier
Iolaus pallene  Saffron Sapphire  Geel-saffier
Iolaus silarus ssp silarus  Straight-line Sapphire  Reguitlyn-saffier
Iolaus trimeni  Trimen's Sapphire  Protea-saffier
Lachnocnema bibulus  Common Woolly Legs  Wolpootjie
Lachnocnema durbani  D'Urban's Woolly Legs  Graskol-wolpootjie
Lachnocnema laches  Southern Pied Woolly Legs  Suidelike Bont-wolpootjie
Lampides boeticus  Pea Blue  Ertjiebloutjie
Lepidochrysops glauca  Silvery Blue  Ysblou Ratsbloutjie
Lepidochrysops patricia  Patricia Blue  Groot Persblou Ratsbloutjie
Lepidochrysops plebeia ssp plebeia  Twin-spot Blue  Dubbelkol-ratsbloutjie
Lepidochrysops vansoni  Van Son's Blue  Balsemkruid Ratsbloutjie
Leptomyrina henningi ssp henningi  Henning's Black-eye  Vaal Swartogie
Leptomyrina hirundo  Tailed Black-eye  Langstert-swartogie  RC
Leptotes babaulti  Babault's Zebra Blue  Hoektand sebrabloutjie
Leptotes brevidentatus  Short-toothed Zebra Blue  Korttand sebrabloutjie
Leptotes jeanneli  Jeannel's Zebra Blue  Langtand sebrabloutjie
Leptotes pirithous ssp pirithous  Common Zebra Blue  Sebrabloutjie
Leptotes sp 
Myrina silenus ssp ficedula  Common Fig Tree Blue  Vyeboombloutjie
Oraidium barberae  Dwarf Blue  Dwerg-bloutjie
Physcaeneura panda   
Pseudonacaduba sichela ssp sichela  Dusky Line Blue  Donker Bloutjie
Stugeta bowkeri ssp tearei  Bowker's Marbled Sapphire  Bosveld Marmersaffier
Tarucus sybaris ssp sybaris  Dotted Blue  Spikkelbloutjie
Thestor basuta ssp capeneri  Basuto Skolly  Noordelike Basoetoe-skollie
Tuxentius calice  White Pie  Wit-bontetjie
Tuxentius melaena ssp melaena  Black Pie  Swart-bontetjie
Uranothauma nubifer ssp nubifer  Black Heart  Swarthart-bronsbloutjie
Zintha hintza hintza  Hintza Pierrot  Hintza-bloutjie
Zizeeria knysna ssp knysna  African Grass Blue  Duwweltjie-bloutjie
Zizula hylax  Tiny Grass Blue  Gaika-bloutjie
Pieridae Belenois aurota  Brown-veined White  Witgatwitjie
Belenois creona ssp severina  African Common White  Afrikaanse Gewone Witjie
Belenois gidica ssp abyssinica  African Veined White  Laeveldwitjie
Belenois zochalia ssp zochalia  Forest White  Boswitjie
Catopsilia florella  African Migrant  Afrikaanse Swerwer
Colias electo ssp electo  African Clouded Yellow  Wolk-oranje
Colotis annae ssp annae  Scarlet Tip  Skarlakenpuntjie
Colotis antevippe ssp gavisa  Red Tip  Rooipuntjie
Colotis auxo ssp auxo  Sulphur Orange Tip  Swael-oranjepuntjie
Colotis celimene ssp amina  Lilac Tip  Boomwagter
Colotis euippe ssp omphale  Smoky Orange Tip  Donker Oranjepuntjie
Colotis evagore ssp antigone  Small Orange Tip  Klein Oranjepuntjie
Colotis evenina ssp evenina  Orange Tip  Oranjepuntjie
Colotis ione Bushveld Purple Tip  Bosveld-perspuntjie
Colotis lais  Kalahari Orange Tip  Kalahari Oranjepuntjie
Colotis pallene  Bushveld Orange Tip  Bosveld-oranjepuntjie
Colotis regina  Queen Purple Tip  Koninginperspuntjie
Colotis vesta ssp argillaceus  Veined Tip  Bontarabier
Eurema brigitta ssp brigitta  Broad-bordered Grass Yellow  Grasveldgeletjie
Eurema desjardinsii ssp regularis  Angled Grass Yellow  Reënbosgeletjie
Mylothris agathina ssp agathina  Common dotted border  Gewone Voëlentwitjie
Mylothris rueppellii ssp haemus  Twin Dotted Border  Oranjevlerk Voëlentwitjie
Pinacopteryx eriphia ssp eriphia  Zebra White  Kwagga
Pontia helice ssp helice  Common Meadow White  Bontrokkie
Teracolus agoye ssp agoye  Speckled Sulphur Tip  Rustelose Geelpuntjie
Teracolus eris  ssp eris   Banded Gold Tip  Goudpuntjie
Teracolus subfasciatus  Lemon Traveller  Suurlemoensmous
Papilionidae   Graphium angolanus ssp angolanus  Angola White-lady Swordtail  Krabbel-witnooientjie
Graphium antheus  Large Striped Swordtail  Jag-swaardstert
Graphium leonidas ssp leonidas  Veined Swordtail  Bont Swaardstert
Graphium morania  White Lady  Witnooientjie
Papilio constantinus ssp constantinus  Constantine's Swallowtail  Konstantyn-se-swaelstert
Papilio dardanus ssp cenea  Mocker Swallowtail, Flying Handkerchief  Vlieënde Sakdoek (m), Na-aper-swaelstert (w)
Papilio demodocus ssp demodocus  Citrus Swallowtail  Lemoenskoenlapper
Papilio nireus ssp lyaeus  Green-banded Swallowtail  Groenlint-swaelstert
Hesperiidae Abantis paradisea  Paradise Skipper  Paradys-dartelaartjie
  Abantis tettensis  Spotted Velvet Skipper  Koppie-dartelaartjie
  Abantis venosa  Veined Skipper  Vos-dartelaartjie
    Afrogegenes hottentota  Marsh Hottentot Skipper  Moeras-hotnot
  Afrogegenes letterstedti   Common Hottentot Geel-hotnot
  Afrogegenes pumilio ssp gambica  Dark Hottentot  Swart Hotnot
    Borbo borbonica ssp borbonica  Olive-haired Swift  Groen Ratsvlieër
    Borbo fallax  False swift  Skelm Ratsvlieër
    Borbo fatuellus ssp fatuellus  Long-horned Swift  Groothoring-ratsvlieër  RC
  Borbo gemella  Twin Swift  Dubbelkol-ratsvlieër
  Borbo holtzi  Variable Swift  Verneuker-ratsvlieër
  Caprona pillaana  Ragged Skipper  Vaaljas-dansertjie
    Coeliades forestan ssp forestan  Striped Policeman  Witbroek-konstabel
  Coeliades pisistratus  Two-pip Policeman  Dubbelkol-konstabel
  Dotta callicles  Pale Ranger  Bosveld-swerwer
    Eretis djaelaelae  Marbled Elf  Marmer-kluisenaar
  Eretis umbra spp umbra  Small Marbled Elf  Klein Marmer-kluisenaar
    Gomalia elma ssp elma  Green-marbled Skipper  Asjas-springertjie
    Kedestes lepenula  Chequered Ranger  Blokkies-wagtertjie
    Kedestes macomo  Macomo Ranger  Swartspikkel-wagtertjie
    Kedestes nerva ssp nerva  Scarce Ranger  Hoëveld-wagtertjie
  Kedestes wallengrenii ssp wallengrenii  Wallengren's Ranger  Streep-wagtertjie
    Larsenia see Borbo   
  Leucochitonea levubu  White-cloaked Skipper  Witjas-springertjie
    Metisella aegipan ssp aegipan  Mountain Sylph  Berg-walsertjie  RC
    Metisella meninx  Marsh Sylph  Moeras-walsertjie
  Metisella willemi  Netted Sylph  Net-walsertjie
  Parnara monasi  Water Watchman  Water-wagtertjie
  Parosmodes morantii ssp morantii  Morant's Orange  Gewone Oranjetjie
  Pelopidas mathias  Black-banded Swift  Swartmerk-Ratsvlieër
  Pelopidas thrax  White-banded Swift  Witmerk-Ratsvlieër
  Platylesches ayresii  Peppered Hopper  Gepeperde-springertjie
    Platylesches dolomitica  Hilltop Hopper 
    Platylesches moritili  Honey Hopper  Heuning-springertjie
  Platylesches neba  Flower-girl Hopper  Blom-springertjie
  Platylesches tina  Small Hopper  Tinase Springertjie
    Pyrrhiades anchises ssp anchises  One-pip Policeman  Eenkol-konstabel
    Sarangesa motozi  Elfin Skipper  Woud-kaboutertjie  RC
  Sarangesa phidyle  Small Elfin  Klein Kaboutertjie
  Sarangesa seineri ssp seineri  Dark Elfin  Noordelike Donker Kaboutertjie  
    Spialia asterodia  Star Sandman  Sterretjie-sandmannetjie
    Spialia colotes ssp transvaaliae  Bushveld Sandman  Bosveld-sandmannetjie
    Spialia delagoae  Delagoa Sandman  Wakker-sandmannetjie
    Spialia depauperata ssp australis  Wandering Sandman  Wandelende-sandmannetjie
  Spialia diomus ferax  Common Sandman  Gewone Sandmannetjie
  Spialia dromus  Forest Sandman  Bos-sandmannetjie
  Spialia mafa ssp mafa Mafa Sandman  Mafa-sandmannetjie
  Spialia spio  Mountain Sandman  Berg-sandmannetjie
    Tagiades flesus  Clouded Forester  Skaduwee-bosjagtertjie  RC
  Tsitana tsita  Dismal Sylph  Donker Walsertjie

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