Waterberg Limpopo


Below is a series of maps showing the physical features of the Waterberg. Click on an image to see the bigger picture.

Waterberg area Topography of the Waterberg Geology of the Waterberg Soils of the Waterberg Uplands of the Waterberg
Target area Topography Geology Soils Upland areas
Drainage of the Waterberg Rainfall of the Waterberg Vegetation of the Waterberg Veld types of the Waterberg Vegetation of the Waterberg
Drainage Rainfall Vegetation (Mucina, Rutherford) Veld types (Acocks) Vegetation (Low & Rebelo)
Cleared areas of the Waterberg Ecoregions of the Waterberg The Waterberg Biosphere CBA zones of the Waterberg  
De-bushed areas Eco-regions Waterberg Biosphere Biodiversity areas  

Limpopo Waterberg


Waterberg topography


Richard Wadley has written a lucid account of the geology focussing on the Melkrivier area and, if you Google "Waterberg geology", you'll find other research papers on the subject. Some other references can be found here.

Geology of the Waterberg


Soils of the Waterberg

Upland areas

Waterberg uplands

Drainage systems

Waterberg drainage


Waterberg rainfall



Waterberg ecoregions

Waterberg Biosphere Reserve

Waterberg Biosphere Reserve

Biodiversity areas

CBA zones in the Limpopo Waterberg

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