The plan is to show views of Waterberg landscapes from fixed points which can be revisited at any time in the future when new photographs can be taken for comparison.

If anyone has any old photographs taken in the Waterberg it would be much appreciated if they'd be prepared to make them available for scanning for this project.

   Lindani,  Jul 2023
Waterval farm
Waterval Farm,  February 2021
Lenong pass Marakele
Lenong Pass, Marakele  December 2019
View from -24.470; 27.539 looking E
Zandrivierspoortnek  November 2019
View from -24.3667; 28.1462
Zandrivierspoort 442KQ October 2019
View from -24.6604; 27.6032 looking SE: Elandsberg in the distance
Zandrivierspoort 442KQ October 2019
View from -24.6428; 27.5999 looking W along a bush track
Geelhoutkop (Driefontein 164KR) September 2019
View from -24.2859; 28.3932 looking SE
Rock formation on Geelhoutkop (Driefontein 164KR) September 2019
At -24.2864; 28.3931
Weltevreden 469KQ
Ticaboo Private Game Reserve (Weltevreden 469KQ) May 2019
View from -24.6046; 27.9578 looking SE along the contact between the base of the Waterberg system (coarse conglomerate on the left) and the underlying Bushveld igneous complex felsite on the right
Dinaka Game Reserve
Dinaka Game Reserve (Grootspruit 180KR) March 2019
View from -24.4184; 28.2744 looking upstream (E) along Sand River drainage, this the most extensive reedbed system in the Waterberg
Houtboschrivier, February 2018
View from -24.3074; 28.5129 looking NW
Kromkloof, Waterberg
Kromkloof 203KR, February 2019
View from -24.4634; 28.4761 looking SW
Vista Vistas
Mokamole River on Vista Vistas, December 2018
View from -24.07848, 28.60373 looking west
Palala River, Limmpopo
Palala River on Jembisa, December 2018
View from -23.9667, 28.4020 looking south
Kloof Pass, Waterberg
Entrance to Kloof Pass, October 2018
View from -23.9873, 28.5694 up Mmamatlakala Valley at the start of Kloof Pass.
Leeukop, Waterberg
Leeukop, October 2018
View from -24.0761, 28.6272 looking east at Leeukop.
Swebeswebe Private Wildlife Estate
Swebeswebe Wildlife Estate; September 2018
View from -24.8089, 28.0648 looking east from Baboon Cave
Mooimeisiesfontein; Apr 2019
View from -24.2743, 27.9327 looking NW
Mooimeisiesfontein; Apr 2019; April 2019
View from -24.2685, 27.9251 looking E
Sterkstroom, Mooimeisiesfontein
Sterkstroom on Mooimeisiesfontein; March 2009
View across the river from -24.2710, 27.9321
Pramkop, Waterberg
Kgokong Hills (St Leger 205KR); July 2018
View from -24.0401, 28.5525 looking east with Pramkop in the middle distance
Doorndraai Dam
Doorndraai Dam Nature Reserve; July 2018
View from -24.2839, 28.7825 looking south-west across the dam, 38% full
Waterval 190KR; May 2018
View from -24.4949, 28.1970 looking south-east towards the waterfall
Ka'ingo Private Game Reserve; 24 April 2018
Looking west from -24.0136; 27.8480 with the yellow Kirkia wilmsii  trees in autumn colours
The Seven Sisters
Buffelspoort 295KQ; 16 November 2017
Looking west from -24.4884, 27.7703. Sandriviersberge in the background, open country in the foreground, the result of bush clearing for agriculture.
Driefontein 379KR: 1545 m; 17 July 2017
Looking north-west from -24.5486, 28.4299, across open grassland with Protea welwitchii in the foreground
Tweebosch: -24.3612; 28.3420; 25 October 2017
Burkea africana trees in full flower in the foreground
Tweebosch: -24.3620; 28.3410; 25 October 2017
Burkea africana tree in full flower on the left
Weltevreden 596LQ; April 2018
View from -23.8588, 27.7998 looking south-east across the Poer-se-Loop valley
Grootfontein, 382KR;       -24.5803, 28.5101, 1490 m
Looking SW along the P165; in 1941 left (photo ADU/rePhotoSA); and in Aug 2017 right
(In this instance the positions are not quite the same but, for the present, it serves to illustrate what we hope to do here.)
Same site, 6 months apart
Burkea woodland near Modiimolle in Sep and Mar

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