Other crawlies

Still under construction.

This list will cover other creatures which have been photographed in the Waterberg but which do not fit into any of the other categories here. It will be built up over time. Additions to this photographic collection are welcomed.

Lists of 'other crawlies' photographed in the Waterberg
SCORPIONS   Buthidae * Opisthacanthus asper   Treecreeper scorpion
  * Opistophthalmus glabrifrons  
  * Parabuthus granulatus   Rough thick-tail
  * Parabuthus mossambicensis   Mozambique thick-tail
  * Parabuthus transvaalicus   Transvaal thick-tail
  * Pseudolychas ochreus  
  * Uroplectes carinatus   Common lesser thick-tail
  * Uroplectes flavoviridis  
  * Uroplectes planimanus   Orange lesser thick-tail
  * Uroplectes vittatus  Eastern Bark Scorpion
  Hemiscorpiidae * Hadogenes troglodytes   Giant rock scorpion
OWLFLIES   Ascalaphidae Ascalaphid sp Owlfly sp
  Disparomitus neavei    
  Eremoides bicristatus    
  Proctarrelabis involvens   
  Tmesibasis laceratus    
LACEWINGS   Chrysopidae Chrysemosa commixta    
  Chrysemosa jeanneli    
  Chrysoperla pudica  Green lacewing Groen-goudogie
  Chrysoperla sp  Green lacewing sp
  Dysochrysa furcata    
  Italochrysa impar    
  Italochrysa sp  Lacewing sp
  Italochrysa vanson   Red Lacewing 
  Silveira marshalli     
BROWN LACEWINGS  Hemerobiidae Wesmaelius nubilus  Brown lacewing  
RIBBON-WINGED LACEWINGS   Nemopteridae Nemeura glauningi      
ANTLIONS   Myrmeleontidae Antlion sp   
  Banyutus lethalis   
  Centroclisis brachygaster   
  Creoleon africanus   
Creoleon diana   
Creoleon mortifer   
Cueta sp  
Cueta trivirgata   
Distoleon scolius   
  Doralice sp  
Fadrina  sp 
  Hagenomyia tristis 
Lachlathetes moestes   
  Maula stigmatus   
  Myrmeleon obscurus   
Palpares caffer  Mottled Veld Antlion  
Palpares lentus   
Palpares sobrinus   
GRASSHOPPERS, LOCUSTS   Acrididae * Acanthacris ruficornis   Garden Locust
FOAM/LUBBER GRASSHOPPERS  Pyrgomorphidae * Dictyophorus spumans  Koppie Foam Grasshopper Rooibaadjie

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