Spiders: Family Gnaphosidae

Common name: Ground spiders. Ground spiders lack a prey-capture web and generally run prey down. They are nocturnal hunters and spend the day resting. They hunt by active foraging, chasing down and subduing individual prey. They can successfully hunt large and potentially dangerous prey by producing thick, gluey silk and applying their webbing to their prey's legs and mouths. Thus they can immobilize prey while reducing risk of injury to themselves. Harmless to humans. Abundance: very common. (Marita Beneke)
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Aphantaulax inornata Asemesthes flavipes female Asemesthes flavipes male Asemesthes oconneri Camillina maun female Drassodes stationis female
Drassodes stationis male Ibala arcus female Ibala bilinearis male Theuma fusca female Xerophaeus aurariorum Xerophaeus vickermani female
Zelotes fuligineus female Zelotes natalensis female Zelotes reduncus Zelotes frenchi    

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