Stephanoaetus coronatus  Crowned Eagle  Kroonarend
African Crowned Eagle
Muisvogelkraal, Nov 2020

A presumed breeding resident. Rare. Six records of this forest-loving species are currently known from the Waterberg: Welgevonden Game Reserve (Sep 2017, Boschhoek Dec 2017, Lapalala Wilderness (Sep 2018), Voorwaarts (Oct 2018), Waterberg Game Farm (Jan 2019), Muisvogelkraal (Nov 2020) and a displaying male at one site suggests that this was linked to breeding activity. If the case, this would be a large extension of the species' known breeding range.
African Crowned Eagle Waterberg distribution
African Crowned Eagle
Voorwaarts, Oct 2018
Crowned Eagle
Boschhoek, Dec 2017

This adult male was seen just once

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