Spiders: Family Thomisidae

Common names: crab spiders, flower crab spiders, grass crab spiders, ground crab spiders etc. In Southern Africa they are represented by 39 genera and approx 140 species. Ground and plant dwellers, free-living, found mainly on foliage, only a few genera are terrestrial. Body colour varies from brightly coloured (pink, green, yellow) to dark brown or grey, abdomen often patterned. Body size: 3-23 mm. No webs, when inactive they hide beneath vegetation and ground debris. Sedentary, ambushing their prey. Commonly found on crops, playing an important role in the natural control of pests such as aphids, red spider mites and thrips. Easily distributed by wind. Harmless to humans. Abundance: common. (Marita Beneke)
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Ansiae tuckeri Ansiae tuckeri Diaea longisetosa female Diaea longisetose male Heriaeus crassispinus male Misumenops rubrodecoratus
Monaeses paradoxus male Monaeses austrinus female Monaeses austrinus male Mystaria savanensis female Mystaria savanensis male Pherecydes lucinae
Runcinia flavida runcinia insecta Simorcus cotti Synema diana female Synema diana male Thomisops bullatus female
Thomisops pupa Thomisus australis Thomisus blandus Thomisus blandus Thomisus citrinellus Thomisus citrinellus
Thomisus citrinellus Thomisus daradioides female Thomisus daradioides Thomisus daradioides male Thomisus granulatus female Thomisus kalaharinus male
Thomisus scrupeus female Thomisus scrupeus male Thomisus stenningi Thomisus stenningi Thomisus synema Tmarus africanus
Tmarus africanus Xysticus species Xysticus mulleri male Heriaeus foordi Oxytate argenteooculata Sylligma ndumi
Xysticus fagei          

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