Spiders: Family Salticidae

Common name: Jumping Spiders. This is the largest spider family worldwide, 67 genera and 265 species currently described in South Africa. Diurnal, active hunters with excellent eyesight. Size: mostly between 2mm and 8mm depending on the species. Non-aggressive and highly beneficial in controlling pests. Do yourself a favour and Google these amazingly beautiful and endearing little spiders or have a peek at Vida van der Walt's Facebook site for the most amazing photographs – you will not regret it. Size: mostly small, between 2mm and 8mm (depending on the species). Absolutely harmless to humans. PLEASE do not kill them! Abundance: very common. (Marita Beneke)
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Brancus mustelus Cyrba nigrimana Evarcha species Hasarius adansoni Hyllus argyrotoxus Hyllus species
Pignus simoni Portia schulzi Thyene bucculenta male Thyene imperialis Thyene natalii Thyene ogdeni
Hyllus treleaveni Hyllus treleaveni Hyllus brevitarsis Hyllus brevitarsis myrmarachne uvira Natta horizontalis

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