Spiders: Family Oxyopidae

Common name: Lynx spiders. Prey is usually captured in a catlike manner, often stalking and pouncing. 3 Genera found in South Africa. Oxyopids are diurnal, free living (meaning they do not have a web-bound life-style). Plant-living, usually found on grasses, shrubs etc. etc. Not much is known about the biology of our lynx spiders. They range from small to large – typically 5 – 25mm. Harmless to humans. Abundance: very common. (Marita Beneke)
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Hamataliwa rufolimbata female Hamataliwa species Oxyopes bothai female Oxyopes bothai Oxyopes dumonti female Oxyopes hoggi female
Oxyopes hoggi Oxyopes jacksoni female Oxyopes longispinosa female Oxyopes species Peucetia pulchra Peucetia striata female
Peucetia striata male Hamataliwa species Oxyopes flavipalpis Oxyopes pallidecoratus Oxyopes russoi Oxyopes species
Oxyopes schenkeli Oxyopes species        

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