Anaplectes rubriceps  Red-headed Weaver  Rooikopwewer
Red-headed Weaver male
SwebeSwebe, Sep 2017

A breeding resident. Occurs widely and is locally common across the Waterberg, less so in the surrounding thorn savanna (74% in, 26% out; recorded in 62% of the Waterberg pentads); frequents any woodland; occurs singly, in pairs or, at communal breeding sites, in groups; an unobtrusive bird, its presence is usually made known by the presence of its distinctively built nests which are often suspended from telephone wires, or sometimes under the eaves of houses; joins mixed-species bird parties in winter. Breeds in summer.
Red-headed Weaver Waterberg distribution
Red-headed Weaver female
SwebeSwebe, Sep 2017


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