Onychognathus morio  Red-winged Starling  Rooivlerkspreeu
Red-winged Starling
Modimolle, Jul 2017

A breeding resident. Fairly common and widespread across the Waterberg, much scarcer in the surrounding thorn savanna (71% in, 29% out; recorded in 67% of the Waterberg pentads); frequents woodlands and urban and agricultural habitats; in pairs while breeding, these birds being closely tied to nest sites on cliff faces and, in towns and around farms, to buildings; at other times of the year often found in wide-ranging nomadic flocks that wander according to availability of fruiting trees (e.g. Olea, Grewia). Breeds in summer, often returning to the same site in successive years.
Red-winged Starling Waterberg distribution
Red-winged Starling
Alkantrant, Sep 2017
Red-winged Starling
Lephalale, Jun 2018

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