Melaenornis pammelaina   Southern Black Flycatcher  Swartvlieëvanger
Southern Black Flycatcher
Modimolle, Nov 2007

A breeding resident. Common and widespread across the Waterberg, less so in the surrounding thorn savanna (69% in, 31% out; recorded in 81% of the Waterberg pentads); frequents woodland, especially where the grass layer is shortly cropped; found singly or in pairs; a conspicuous species, easily mistaken for Fork-tailed Drongo but its more demure nature and its habit of perching on lower outer branches while hawking insects sets it apart. Breeds in summer.
Southern Black Flycatcher
Die Oog, Jan 2021
Southern Black Flycatcher Waterberg distribution
Southern Black Flycatcher juvenile
Kamonande, Dec 2021


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