Muscicapa caerulescens   Ashy Flycatcher  Blougrysvlieëvanger
Ashy Flycatcher
Mooimeisiesfontein, Mar 2017

A breeding resident. Scarce and localised, it occurs widely across the Waterberg and is mostly absent from the surrounding thorn savanna (95% in, 5% out; recorded in 15% of the Waterberg pentads); typically a forest-edge species elsewhere in its range, in the Waterberg it is largely confined to the well-wooded fringes of rivers, especially in hilly country; it occurs singly or in pairs. Breeds in summer.
Ashy Flycatcher Waterberg distribution
Ashy Flycatcher
Waterberg Farmstay, Oct 2015
Ashy Flycatcher nest
Swebeswebe Private NR, Nov 2013

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