Cisticola aridulus  Desert Cisticola  Woestynklopkloppie
Desert Cisticola
Grootfontein, Feb 2021

A breeding resident. Fairly common, both across the Waterberg and in the surrounding thorn savanna (51% in, 49% out; recorded in 42% of the Waterberg pentads); restricted to the secondary grasslands associated with past and present agriculture; it occurs alongside the very similar Zitting Cisticola in places, differing by favouring drier areas with a sparser grass cover. In summer its presence is given away by displaying males and their racy call-notes distinguish it from Zitting Cisticola. Breeds in summer.
Desert Cisticola Waterberg distribution
Desert Cisticola
Paardeplaats, Jul 2017

Desert Cisticola
Dabchick Wildlife Reserve, Mar 2020

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