Sphenoeacus afer  Cape Grassbird  Grasvoël
Cape Grassbird
Dinaka, Jan 2019

A breeding resident. Occurs widely but sparsely across the hilly and mountainous parts of the Waterberg; it is essentially absent from the surrounding thorn savanna (97% in, 3% out; recorded in 17% of the Waterberg pentads); occurs singly or in pairs and is restricted to grassy vleis, grass- or sedge-fringed margins of streams and areas of dense bracken (Pteridium); a skulking species, its presence is mostly detected from hearing its jumbled musical warbling song. Breeds in summer.
Cape Grassbird Waterberg distribution
Cape Grassbird
Welgevonden Game Reserve, Feb 2010
Cape Grassbird
Marakele National Park, Mar 2018

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