Erythropygia leucophrys   White-browed Scrub Robin  Gestreepte Wipstert
White-browed Scrub Robin
Lindani Private Game Reserve, Sep 2023

A breeding resident. Common and widespread, both across the Waterberg and in the surrounding thorn savanna (52% in, 48% out; recorded in 97% of the Waterberg pentads); occurs in any woodland, singly or in pairs; a skulking, ground-living species that is mostly detected from its melodiously repetitive whistled song. Breeds in summer; parasitised by the Red-chested Cuckoo.
Distribution of White-browed Scrub Robin, Waterberg
White-browed Scrub Robin
Modimolle, Oct 2018

White-browed Scrub Robin
Jembisa, Nov 2019
White-browed Scrub Robin
Hermanusdoorns, Jun 2018
White-browed Scrub Robin nest
Hermanusdoorns, Dec 2019

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