Myrmecocichla formicivora  Ant-eating Chat  Swartpiek
Ant-eating Chat
Alma, Jul 2020

A breeding resident. A species of open, treeless landscapes, it is locally common in areas where past and present agriculture has replaced woodland with grassland in the Waterberg - much less frequently recorded in the surrounding thorn savanna (75% in, 25% out; recorded in 37% of the Waterberg pentads); in pairs or family groups year-round which centre around a breeding site: the nest is a tunnel excavated into an earth bank, typically in the roof of an aardvark burrow, in which they breed and to which they return nightly to roost. Breeds in summer.
Ant-eating Chat
Doornsloot, Nov 2017
Ant-eating Chat Waterberg distribution
Ant-eating Chat
Moletadikgwa Wildlife Sanctuary, Apr 2019

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