Oenanthe familiaris    Familiar Chat  Gewone Spekvreter
Familiar Chat
Lindani Game Reserve, Sep 2023

A breeding resident. Scarce to locally common across the Waterberg, less frequent in the surrounding thorn savanna (70% in, 30% out; recorded in 47% of the Waterberg pentads); occurs singly or in pairs, frequenting rocky areas with sparse undergrowth and sparse ground cover; often around lodges. Breeds in summer.
Familiar Chat Waterberg distribution
Familiar Chat
Moletadikgwa Wildlife Sanctuary, Apr 2019

Familiar Chat juvenile
Kamonande, Dec 2021

Familiar Chat
Zebula Game Reserve, Mar 2019

Familiar Chat
Bakovenkrans, Jul 2008
Familiar Chat nest
Frischgewaagd, Dec 2019

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