Turdus libonyanus   Kurrichane Thrush  Rooibeklyster
Kurrichane Thrush
Modimolle, Feb 2017

A breeding resident. Common and widespread across the Waterberg, less frequent in the surrounding thorn savanna (65% in, 35% out; recorded in 82% of the Waterberg pentads); frequents open woodland, occurring at high densities in watered suburban gardens in towns; occurs singly or in pairs. Breeds in summer; occasionally parasitised by Red-chested Cuckoo.
Kurrichane Thrush Waterberg distribution
Kurrichane Thrush nest
Modimiolle, Dec 2022

Kurrichane Thrush
Kamonande, Mar 2021

Kurrichane Thrush
Modimolle, Jul 2018

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