Campethera bennettii   Bennett's Woodpecker  Bennettspeg
Bennett's Woodpecker
Rooiberg, Nov 2020

A breeding resident. Scarce, but occurs widely across the Waterberg, less frequent in the surrounding thorn savanna (64% in, 36% out; recorded in 29% of the Waterberg pentads); the least common woodpecker in the Waterberg, it frequents mature woodland; occurs in pairs or, after breeding, in small family groups. A specialist ant-feeder and, unlike other woodpeckers, often encountered foraging on the ground. Breeds in mid-summer.
Bennett's Woodpecker Waterberg distribution
Bennett's Woodpecker
Zebula, Mar 2019
Bennett's Woodpecker
Moletadikgwa Wildlife Sanctuary, Jul 2018
Bennett's Woodpecker
Lindani, Jun 2018
Left: female; Right: male

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