Bubo africanus   Spotted Eagle-Owl  Gevlekte Ooruil
Spotted Eagle-Owl
Hartebeestpoort, Vaalwater, Oct 2018

A breeding resident. Scarce to fairly common, it occurs widely across the Waterberg (recorded in 29% of the Waterberg pentads) and is found in almost any habitat from urban to woodland to agricultural areas, usually as single birds or in pairs; it is mostly detected from hearing its mellow hooting call at night; a frequent road victim, more so than other owls. Breeds in early summer.
Spotted Eagle-Owl Waterberg distribution
Spotted Eagle-Owl nest
Waterberg Farmstay, Oct 2022

Spotted Eagle-Owl chick
Moletadikgwa Wildlife Sanctuary, Jan 2005

chick in the nest
Spotted Eagle-Owl
Kgokong Hills, Jul 2018
Spotted Eagle-Owl
Modimolle, Nov 2017
Spotted Eagle-Owl
Modimolle, Sep 2012

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