Glaucidium perlatum   Pearl-spotted Owlet  Witkoluil
Pearl-spotted Owlet
Marseilles, Jun 2018

A breeding resident. Fairly common and widespread both across the Waterberg and in the surrounding thorn savanna Waterberg (50% in, 50% out; recorded in 54% of the Waterberg pentads); it favours open woodland, typically in non-rocky, relief-free country; usually encountered as single birds or in pairs while breeding; its presence is mostly detected from hearing its piercing whistled call, especially in late winter and spring. Breeds in early summer.
Pearl-spotted Owlet Waterberg distribution
Pearl-spotted Owlet
Portlock, Jun 2018

Showing real eyes (left) and false eyes (right)

Pearl-spotted Owlet
Loubad, Aug 2019


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