Gallinago nigripennis  African Snipe  Afrikaanse Snip
African Snipe
Goedehoop, Jan 2020

A breeding resident. Uncommon. Occurs widely but sparsely, mostly across the southern half of the Waterberg in marshy areas or along the muddy margins of dams dams (recorded in 16% of the Waterberg pentads); encountered as single birds or in extensive areas of suitable habitat, in scattered groups of 5-20 birds. Characteristic aerial drumming occurs during winter, this providing evidence that it breeds in the area.
African Snipe Waterberg distribution
African Snipe
Modimolle, Jul 2016
African Snipe in flight
Alma, Jul 2018

Performing the characteristic drumming display flight of this species. The 'drumming' is a mechanical sound made by the vibration of the outer tail feathers which, as can be seen in the photo, are spread out at right angles to the body. The word 'sniper', by the way, comes from a time when snipe hunting was a popular sport that required considerable skill.

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