Falco biarmicus   Lanner Falcon   Edelvalk
Lanner Falcon in flight
Alma, Mar 2020

A breeding resident. Uncommon. Occurs widely but sparsely across the Waterberg, recorded more frequently in the surrounding thorn savanna (57% in, 43% out; recorded in 14% of the Waterberg pentads); solitary except when breeding; hunting birds are mostly encountered in open landscapes, especially in agricultural areas, but pairs are tied to cliff nest-sites when breeding; it is more numerous than the Peregrine Falcon but is less common now than it was in the 1970s and 1980s judging by breeding sites used in those years that are now vacant. Breeds during Jul-Oct.
Lanner Falcon Waterberg distribution
Lanner Falcon in flight
Zwartkloof, Sep 2017
Lanner Falcon in flight
Dinaka Private Nature Reserve, Nov 2020

The 'whitewash' marks the Lanner's nest site on the cliff with a fledged chick perched just right of it and another flying with African Black Swifts nearby.

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