Accipiter tachiro  African Goshawk   Afrikaanse Sperwer
African Goshawk
Modimolle, Jul 2023

A breeding resident. Rare. This forest-loving bird occurs widely but very sparsely across the Waterberg (recorded in 10% of the Waterberg pentads); it favours well wooded river valleys and ravines but may occur in any woodland while hunting; secretive, but its presence is mostly given away in early summer when territorial males circle high and utter a characteristic chipping call; a pair, for example, are resident in Modimolle town and were it not for this behaviour their presence would go largely undetected. Breeds in early summer.

African Goshawk
Kamonande, Mar 2021
African Goshawk immature
Die Oog, Dec 2022

African Goshawk immature
Modimolle, May 2022

African Goshawk
Modimolle, Apr 2022

African Goshawk
Modimolle, Feb 2021

African Goshawk pair
Modimolle, Dec 2019
pair, male left, larger female right

African Goshawk
Die Oog, Dec 2020
African Goshawk
Lephalale, Aug 2017

African Goshawk
Modimolle, May 2019

African Goshawk
De Draai, Dec 2018
African Goshawk with prey
Modimolle, Oct 2018

male on Black-headed Oriole which he has just caught.
African Goshawk male
Modimolle, Aug 2014
male displaying
African Goshawk
Sterkrivier, Sep 2017

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