Accipiter melanoleucus   Black Sparrowhawk  Swartsperwer
Black Sparrowhawk
Modimolle, Sep 2019

A breeding resident. Uncommon. Unobtrusive, so easily overlooked; recorded widely but sparsely across the Waterberg (recorded in 11% of the Waterberg pentads); its occurrence is seemingly much dependent on the availability of undisturbed breeding sites - these are either in copses of trees in well-wooded kloofs or river valleys, or in mature stands of eucalypts. Breeds in winter, pairs typically reusing the same nest in successive years.
Black Sparrowhawk in flight
Modimolle, Oct 2014
Black Sparrowhawk
Modimolle, Aug 2018

Here plucking a freshly killed Speckled Pigeon

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