Buteo rufofuscus   Jackal Buzzard  Rooiborsjakkalsvoël
Jackal Buzzard
Bokpoort, Aug 2018

A breeding resident. Uncommon. Found widely but sparsely across the Waterberg; much less frequent in the surrounding thorn savanna (86% on, 14% off, recorded in 16% of the Waterberg pentads); in territorial pairs year-round, but single birds are usually encountered; territories are mostly centred along ranges of hills and most nests (which are reused in successive years) are on cliff ledges. Breeds during early summer.
Jackal Buzzard
Geelhoutkop, Jan 2023

Jackal Buzzard in flight
Welmoed, Jul 2018
Jackal Buzzard on nest
Bakovenkrans, Sep 1997
Jackal Buzzard
Sandrivierspoort, Sep 1976

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