Haliaeetus vocifer   African Fish Eagle  Visarend
African Fish Eagle
Kaingo Private Game Reserve, Jul 2020

A breeding resident. Fairly common and recorded widely across the Waterberg (recorded in 59% of the Waterberg pentads); resident pairs occur on each of the larger dams and along the larger rivers - the nests of 11 such pairs are known and by extrapolation, a further 20 or so pairs are likely to occur; is usually encountered singly, though, and birds flying high overhead, often far from water are sometimes detected from hearing their characteristic call. Breeds in winter, normally reusing the same nest in successive years.
African Fish Eagle
Modimolle, May 2016

African Fish Eagle
Ka'ingo Private Game Reserve, Apr 2018
African Fish Eagle nest
Alma, Jul 2018
Adult on nest high up in a Eucalypt tree
African Fish Eagle
Boschdraai, Oct 2018

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