Aquila spilogaster  African Hawk-Eagle  Grootjagarend
African Hawk-Eagle
Duikerfontein, Oct 2018
Male on the right, female on the left, both with full crops

A breeding resident. Scarce. Occurs widely but sparsely throughout the Waterberg in woodland (recorded in 34% of the Waterberg pentads); lives in pairs that maintain large year-round territories - about 30 nesting pairs are known in the area and by extrapolation the population in the whole area probably numbers close to 100 pairs. Breeds in winter.
African Hawk-Eagle pair
Duikerfontein, Oct 2018

African Hawk-Eagle
Kralingen, Nov 2017

African Hawk-Eagle nest
Renosterpoort, Aug 2017

Nests are very large for the size of the bird as they are added to with each year's occupation. They breed in winter, laying in May-Jun and fledging in Sep-Oct.
African Hawk Eagle on nest
Bakovenkrans, Oct 2008
African Hawk-Eagle on nest
Naboomfontein, Sep 1978

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