Elanus caeruleus  Black-winged Kite  Blouvalk
Black-winged Kite
Mooimeisiesfontein, Jan 2018

A breeding resident. Fairly common. Occurs widely across the southern half of the Waterberg where it frequents open landscapes, mostly areas associated with past or present agriculture (recorded in 64% of the Waterberg pentads).This and the Steppe Buzzard are the commonest and most widely recorded birds of prey in the Waterberg. It is a solitary species, pairing only to breed and is a rodent-hunting specialist that preys on diurnal species such as Otomys and Rhabdomys. Ringing of these birds elsewhere has shown that individuals seldom remain in one place for long and they move about widely in South Africa, seemingly in response to cyclic changes in rodent populations. Breeds in late summer.
Black-winged Kite Waterberg distribution
Black-winged Kite
Verdracht, Mar 2020

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