Bubulcus ibis   Western Cattle Egret  Veereier (Bosluisvoël)
Western Cattle Egret
Vaalwater, Jan 2019

A breeding summer visitor, mostly present between Oct and Apr with 10-20% of the population remaining over winter. Fairly common, especially in agricultural areas (recorded in 65% of the Waterberg pentads). A non-aquatic heron, it feeds on insects and is typically associated with domestic or wild herbivores which it uses as beaters. Ringing elsewhere has shown that the bulk of the South African population moves to the tropics in winter. It is gregarious, foraging, roosting and breeding communally, and in years of above-average rain, nesting colonies, often with other communal breeders, are established at a number of sites across the Waterberg.
Western Cattle Egret Waterberg distribution
Western Cattle Egret
Vaalwater, Oct 2018
Western Cattle Egret
Modimolle, Dec 2014
Western Cattle Egret roost
Modimolle, Nov 2014

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