Anhinga rufa   African Darter  Slanghalsvoël
African Darter
Modimolle, Jul 2018

A breeding resident. Scarce, confined to the larger dams and dammed-up sections of the larger rivers (recorded in 37% of the Waterberg pentads). Usually encountered as single birds or in small groups and their variable occurrence at such sites suggests that they move about widely. Biannual counts at Goedehoop Dam (south of Alma) between 2006-2019 found 0-10 birds to be present here, averaging 0.4 birds in winter and 3.2 in summer. Breeds erratically in small colonies in flooded trees standing in large dams.
African Darter Waterberg distribution
African Darter
Modimolle, Mar 2016
African Darter in flight
Goedehoop Dam, Jul 2019

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