Spiders of the Waterberg


There are many misconceptions about spiders. They are, however, remarkable and interesting creatures and, importantly, mostly harmless to humans. They play a very important role in nature and in the agricultural environment, a fact of which many of us are unaware.

"South Africa is a hotspot of spider diversity, 2028 known species, 60% of which are endemic" (Dippenaar-Schoeman, Foord and Haddad - Spiders of the Savanna Biome). We are not aware of a definitive list of spiders for the Waterberg and the species listed below are probably a fraction of what occurs in the area but, with its varied topography, vegetation types and habitats, the Waterberg also has an abundance of spiders from the very large baboon and rain spiders to tiny ones, often microscopic in size. These are the species that have been thus far photographed and identified in the area and they can be viewed by clicking on the species name. As can be seen, relatively few have English or Afrikaans names. Contributions to this list, especially photographs of new species, are welcomed.

For more details on each family click here.

Marita Beneke, May 2019
List of Spiders photographed in the Waterberg
Araneidae spider Araneus apricus  Green Pea Spider
  spider Argiope australis  Garden Orbweb Spider
  spider Caerostris sp Bark Spider
  spider Cyrtophora citricola  Tropical Tent-web Spider
  spider Neoscona rufipalpis  Hairy Field Spider
  spider Pararaneus sp Spiky Field Spider
Corinnidae spider Merenius alberti  
Eresidae spider Stegodyphus dumicola  
Gnaphosidae spider Aphantaulax inornata  
Hersiliidae spider Hersilia sp  Long-spinnered Bark Spider Langspinspeen-basspinnekop
Lycosidae spider Hogna spenceri  
  spider Paradosa sp 
  spider Pirata sp 
Miturgidae spider Cheiracanthium furculatum  Long-legged Sac-spider
Nephilidae spider Nephila fenestrata  Golden Orb-web Spider  Goue Wawielwebspinnekop
  spider Nephila senegalensis  Banded-legged Golden Orb-web Spider Streeppoot Goue Wawielwebspinnekop
Oxyopidae spider Hamataliwa  sp Lynx Spider  Tierspinnekop
  spider Oxyopes hoggi  Lynx Spider  Tierspinnekop
  spider Oxyopes  sp  Lynx Spider   Grastierspinnekop
Philodromidae spider Philodromus  sp     
Pholcidae spider Smeringgopus natalensis  Daddy-long-legs  Langbeenspinnekop
Pisauridae spider Euprosthenops australis  Nursery-web Spider 
  spider Nilus  sp Fishing Spider 
  spider Rothus  sp Nursery-web Spider  Kinderkamerweb Spinnekop
Salticidae spider Brancus mustelus   
  spider Cyrba nigrimana   
  spider Evarcha  sp  
  spider Hasarius adansoni   
  spider Hyllus argyrotoxus   
  spider Hyllus  sp  
  spider Pignus simoni   
  spider Portia schulzi   Dandy Spider 
  spider Thyene bucculenta   
  spider Thyene imperialis   
  spider Thyene natalii   
  spider Thyene ogdeni   
Scytodidae spider Scytodidae  sp Spitting Spider  Langbeenspinnekop
Selenopidae spider Anyphops  sp  
  spider Selenops  sp  Crab Wall Spider or Flattie  Muurspinnekop
Sparrasidae spider Olios correvoni   Green Huntsman Spider 
spider Olios  sp   
spider Palystes superciliosus   Rain Spider  Grootdwaalspinnekop of Re├źnspinnekop
spider Pseudomicrommata longipes   Grass Huntsman  Gras-jagspinnekop
Tetragnathidae spider Tetragnatha  sp  Large-jawed Water Spider 
  spider Tetragnatha  sp   
Theraphosidae spider Harpactira gigas   Common Baboon Spider 
  spider Ceratogyrus darlingi   Rear-horned Baboon Spider 
  spider Pterinochilus lapalala   Waterberg Baboon Spider  Waterberg Bobbejaanspinnekop
Theridiidae spider Steatoda capensis   False Katipo Spider  Vals Katipo Spinnekop
Thomisidae spider Misumenops rubrodecoratus    
  spider Thomisus australis    
  spider Thomisus blandus    
  spider Thomisus citrinellus    
  spider Thomisus daradioides   Blackspot Flower-crab-spider 
  spider Thomisus stenningi    
  spider Thomisus synema  sp  African Mask Spider 
  spider Xysticus  sp  Ground Crab Spider 

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