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A list of reptiles occurring in the Waterberg can be downloaded here. Those that have been photographed in the Waterberg are marked below by    and these can be viewed by clicking on the species name - additions to this very incomplete photographic collection are welcomed. Waterberg target species (red-listed and/or endemic) are highlighted inred.

List of Reptiles of the Waterberg
(With thanks to Dr. Niels Jacobsen for compilation of the list. Names follow those used in
The Atlas and Red-list of Reptiles of South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland; Suricata 1, 2014)
TERRAPINS Pelomedusidae Pelomedus galeata  Southern Marsh Terrapin 
    Pelomedusa subrufa  Marsh Terrapin  Sentrale Moeraswaterskilpad
Pelusios sinuatus  Serrated Hinged Terrapin  Skulprand-skarnierwaterskilpad
TORTOISES Testudinidae Kinixys  lobatsiana  Lobatsi Hinged-back Tortoise  Lobatsese Skarnierdopskilpad
Kinixys spekii  Speke's Hinged-back Tortoise  Speke se Skarnierskilpad
Psammobates oculifer  Serrated Tent Tortoise Kalahari-skilpad
Stigmochelys pardalis  Leopard Tortoise  Bergskilpad  
CROCODILES Crocodylidae Crocodylus niloticus   Nile Crocodile  Nylkrokodil
GECKOES Gekkonidae   Afroedura waterbergensis  Waterberg Flat Gecko Waterberg Platgeitjie
Chondrodactylus turneri   Turner's Gecko  Turnerse Diktoongeitjie
Hemidactylus mabouia  Common Tropical House Gecko Tropiese Huisgeitjie
Homopholis wahlbergii  Wahlberg's Velvet Gecko  Wahlbergse Geitjie
Lygodactylus capensis ssp capensis  Common Dwarf Gecko  Kaapse Dwerg Geitjie
Lygodactylus waterbergensis   Waterberg Dwarf Gecko  Waterberg Dwerg Geitjie
Pachydactylus affinis  Transvaal Gecko Transvaal Geitjie
Pachydactylus capensis  Cape Gecko Kaapse Geitjie
Ptenopus garrulous ssp garrulous  Common Barking Gecko Gewone Blawwende Geitjie
WORM LIZARDS Amphisbaenidae   Dalophia pistillum   Pestle-tailed Worm Lizard Stompstert Wurmakkedis
Monopeltis capensis   Cape Worm Lizard Kaapse Wurmakkedis
Monopeltis infuscata   Dusky Worm Lizard Donker-wurmakkedis
Zygaspis quadrifrons   Kalahari Dwarf Worm Lizard Kalahari-dwerg-wurmakkedis
Zygaspis vandami ssp vandami   Van Dam's Worm Lizard Van Dam se Dwerg Wurmakkedis
TYPICAL LIZARDS Lacertidae Heliobolus lugubris   Bushveld Lizard Bosveldakkedis
Ichnotropis capensis ssp capensis   Ornate Rough-scaled Lizard Versierde Rofskubakkedis
Meroles squamulosus   Savanna Lizard Gewone Rofskubakkedis
Nuxia holubi   Holub's Sandveld Lizard Holub se Sandveldakkedis
Nucras intertexta   Spotted Sandveld Lizard Gespikkelde Sandveldakkedis
Pedioplanis lineo ocellata ssp lineo ocellata  Spotted Sand Lizard Gespikkelde Sandveldakkedis
Pedioplanis sp. nov.   
CRAG LIZARDS Cordylidae Cordylus jonesi   Jones' Girdled Lizard  Jonese Gordelakkedis
Cordylus vittifer   Common Girdled Lizard  Gewone Gordelakkedis
Platysaurus guttatus   Dwarf Flat Lizard  Dwergplatakkedis
Platysaurus minor    Waterberg Flat Lizard  Waterberg Platakkedis
Pseudocordylus transvaalensis   Northern Crag Lizard Noordelike Rotskeurakkedis
Smaug breyeri   Waterberg Girdled Lizard  Waterberg Gordelakkedis
PLATED LIZARDS Gerrhosauridae Gerrhosaurus flavigularis   Yellow-throated Plated Lizard  Geelkeel-pantserakkedis
Matobosaurus validus   Common Giant Plated Lizard  Reuse-pantserakkedis
SKINKS Scincidae Acontias occidentalis  Savanna Legless Skink Savanna Pootlose Gladde Akkedis  
Afroablepharus wahlbergii   Wahlberg's Snake-eyed Skink  Wahlbergse Slangoogskink
Mochlus sundevallii ssp sundevallii  Sundevall's Writhing Skink  Sundevallse Grawende Skink
Panaspis wahlbergi  Snake-eyed Skink 
Trachylepis capensis   Cape Skink  Kaapse Gladde Akkedis
Trachylepis margaritifer   Rainbow Skink  Bloustert-koppieskink
Trachylepis punctatissima   Speckled Rock Skink Geskippelde Rots Gladde Akkedis
Trachylepis sp. nov.  
Trachylepis striata  Striped Skink  Gestreepte Gladde Akkedis
Trachylepis varia   Variable Skink Veranderlike Gladde Akkedis  
MONITORS Varanidae Varanus albigularis ssp albigularis  Southern Rock Monitor  Veldlikkewaan
Varanus niloticus   Nile Monitor  Waterlikkewaan
CHAMELEONS Chamaelionidae Chamaeleo dilepis   Common Flap-neck Chameleon  Gewone Verkleurmannetjie
AGAMAS Agamidae Acanthocercus atricollis  Southern Tree Agama Suidelike Boomkoggelmander  
Agama aculeate ssp distant  Eastern Ground Agama Distant se Grondkoggelmander  
Agama atra  Southern Rock Agama  Suidelike Rots-koggelmander
BLIND SNAKES Typhlopidae   Afrotyphlops bibronii  Bibron's Blind Snake  Bibronse Erdslang
Megatyphlops schlegeli   Schlegel's Giant Blind Snake Schlegel se Blindeslang
Rhinotyphlops lalandei   Delalande's Beaked Blind Snake  Reuse Erdslang
THREAD SNAKES Leptotyphlopidae   Leptotyphlops distantii   Distant's Thread Snake Distant se Wurmslang
Leptotyphlops incognitus   Incognito Thread Snake Incognito Wurmslang
Leptotyphlops scutifrons  Peters' Thread Snake  Glansende Erdslangetjie
PYTHONS Pythonidae Python natalensis  Southern African Python  Suider-Afrikaanse Luislang
ADDERS Viperidae Bitis arietans arietans   Puff Adder  Pofadder
Bitis caudalis   Horned Adder  Horingadder
Causus defilippii   Snouted Night Adder Wipneusnagadder
Causus rhombeatus  Rhombic Night Adder Gewone Nagadder
TYPICAL SNAKES  Lamprophiidae Amblyodipsas polylepis   Common Purple-glossed Snake Gewone Persglasslang
Aparallactus capensis   Black-headed Centipede-eater  Swartkop-mierslang
Atractaspis bibronii   Bibron's Stiletto Snake  Suidelike Sypikslang
Atractaspis duerdeni   Duerden's Stiletto Snake Haakneussypikslang
Boaedon capensis   Common House Snake  Bruinhuisslang
Gonionotophis capensis ssp capensis   Common File Snake  Kaapse Vylslang  
Gonionotophis nyassae   Black File Snake Swart Vylslang  
Lycodonomorphus inornatus   Olive Ground Snake Olyfslang
Lycodonomorphus rufulus   Brown Water Snake  Bruin Waterslang
Lycophidion capense ssp capense  Cape Wolf Snake  Kaapse Wolfslang
Lycophidion variegatum   Variegated Wolf Snake Bont Wolfslang
Prosymna ambigua ssp. stuhlmannii   
Prosymna bivittata   Two-striped Shovel-snout Tweestreepgraafneusslang
Prosymna stuhlmanii   East African Shovel-Snout
Prosymna sundevallii   Sundevall's Shovel-snout  Graafneusslang
Psammophis angolensis   Dwarf Sand Snake Dwergsweepslang
Psammophis brevirostris  Short-snouted Grass Snake Kortsnoetgrasslang
Psammophis jallae   Jalla's Sand Snake Jalla se Sandslang
Psammophis mossambicus    Olive Whip Snake
Psammophis subtaeniatus  Western Yellow-bellied Sand Snake  Westelike Gestreepte Sandslang
Psammophis trinasalis   Fork-marked Sand Snake Kalaharisandslang
Psammophylax rhombeatus  Spotted Grass Snake Gevlekte Skaapsteker
Psammophylax tritaeniatus   Striped Grass Snake Gestreepte Skaapsteker
Pseudaspis cana   Mole Snake Molslang
Xenocalamus bicolor australis   Waterberg Quill-snouted Snake Waterbergspitneusslang
Xenocalamus bicolor ssp. bicolor   Bicoloured Quill-snouted Snake Tweekleur-spitneusslang
COBRAS, MAMBAS  Elapidae   Aspidelaps scutatus ssp. scutatus   Common Shield Cobra  Skildneusslang
Dendroaspis polylepis   Black Mamba  Swartmamba
Elapsoidea sundevallii ssp. media  Sundevall's Garter Snake  Sundevallse Kousbandslang
Naja annulifera   Snouted Cobra  Wipneuskobra
Naja mossambica   Mozambique Spitting Cobra  Mosambiekse Spoegkobra
COLUBRID SNAKES  Colubridae Crotaphopeltis hotamboeia   Red-lipped Snake  Rooilip-slang
Dasypeltis scabra   Rhombic Egg-eater  Gewone Eeiervreter
Dispholidus typus   Boomslang  Boomslang
Philothamnus hoplogaster   South-eastern Green Snake Groenwaterslang
Philothamnus natalensis ssp. occidentalis   Western Natal Green Snake Westelike Natal Groenslang
Philothamnus semivariegatus ssp. semivariegatus   Spotted Bush Snake Gespikkelde Bosslang
Telescopus semiannulatus   Eastern Tiger Snake  Gewone Tierslang
Thelotornis capensis ssp. capensis   Southern Twig Snake Savannavoëlslang

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