Butterflies: Family Hesperiidae

Hover on an image for the species name; click it to go to the more detailed species page. The first block shows the upper wings and the block below shows the under wings.

Family Hesperiidae upper wings
Abantis paradisea Caprona pillaana Gegenes niso niso Kedestes callicles Platylesches ayresii Sarangesa phidyle
Spialia diomus ferax Spialia spio Spialia mafa mafa Tsitana tsita Leucochitonea levubu  

Family Hesperiidae under wings
Coeliades pisistratus Gegenes niso niso Gegenes pumilio gambica Kedestes callicles Kedestes wallengrenii Borbo gemella
Borbo holtzi Metisella willemi Pelopidas mathias Platylesches neba Platylesches tina Spialia diomus ferax
Spialia mafa mafa Spialia dromus Spialia spio Tsitana tsita Parosmodes morantii Parnara monasi

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