Zosterops virens  Cape White-eye  Kaapse Glasogie
Kaapse Glasogie
Modimolle, Jun 2021

A breeding resident. Common and widespread across the Waterberg, less so in the surrounding thorn savanna (72% in, 28% out; recorded in 87% of the Waterberg pentads); occurs in any woodland, singly or in pairs in summer, in small flocks in winter; it is the yellow form of this species that occurs in the Waterberg, closely similar in appearance to the African Yellow White-eye (not found here) from which it is best distinguished by the incomplete white ring encircling the eye. Breeds in summer.
Cape White-eye Waterberg distribution
Kaapse Glasogie
Kamonande, Okt 2022

Kaapse Glasogie
Taaibosspruit, Aug 2020

Cape White-eye
Modimolle, Aug 2017

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