Bubalornis niger   Red-billed Buffalo Weaver  Buffelwewer
Vaalwater, Des 2021

A breeding resident. This hot, low-country species occurs commonly along the northern and western fringes of the Waterberg but it doesn't venture into the interior of the Waterberg except as a vagrant (22% in, 78% out; recorded in 17% of the Waterberg pentads); it favours thornveld, constructing its large conspicuous nests in tall camelthorns and on electricity transmission towers; gregarious, found year-round in family groups. Breeds in summer.
Red-billed Buffalo Weaver Waterberg distribution
Red-billed Buffalo Weaver
Lephalale, Jun 2018
Red-billed Buffalo Weaver nests
Marseilles, Jun 2018

Kragpale oos van Lephalale versier met hierdie spesie se gemeenskaplike neste.

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