Tea bush

Grasses (Poaceae) occur worldwide, number 9000-10000 species globally, and they play a major role both in ecosystem function and as essential sources of food for humanity - one needs think no further than maize, rice, wheat, sugar cane and barley, all of which are grasses. About 870 species occur in South Africa and about 220 of these are found in the Waterberg. The southern African species are described in detail in Fish, Mashau, Moeaha & Nembudani (2015) Identification guide to southern African grasses - an identification manual with keys, descriptions & distributions. Strelitzia 36. It is available as a downloadable PDF from the SANBI website. Names used below follow this reference, and the species included are those collected and pressed by Richard Wadley from Moletadikgwa Wildlife Sanctuary near Melkrivier.

Species are listed below alphabetically.

Waterberg Graslys
Acroceras macrum  Nile grass  Nylgras
Agrostis continuata    
Agrostis lachnantha  S African bent grass  Vink-agrostis
Alloteropsis semialata  ssp  eckloniana  Blackseed grass  Donkersaadgras
Alloteropsis semialata  ssp semialata       
Andropogon appendiculatus  Vlei bluestem  Vleiblougras
Andropogon chinensis  Hairy bluegrass Tweevingergras, Harige-blougras  
Andropogon eucomus  Snowflake grass  Kleinwitbaardgras, Kapokgras   
Andropogon fastigiatus    
Andropogon huillensis  Large silver andropogon, Old man's beard Grootwitbaard andropogon, Rietgras  
Andropogon schirensis  Stab grass  Tweevingergras, Gesteekte-gras
Anthephora pubescens  Wool grass   Borseltjiegras
Aristida adscensionis  Annual brittle grass/three-awn  Eenjarige steekgras
Aristida aequiglumis  Curly-leaved three-awned grass  
Aristida bipartita  Rolling three-awn  Grootrolgras, Lossteekgras
Aristida canescens  ssp canescens  Pale three-awl  Vaalsteekgras
Aristida congesta  ssp barbicollis  Spreading three-awn  Lossteekgras, Witsteekgras  
Aristida congesta  ssp congesta  Tassel three-awn grass  Katstertsteekgras  
Aristida diffusa  Iron grass  Ystergras, Koperdraadgras  
Aristida effusa    
Aristida junciformis  ssp junciformis  Ngongoni three-awn  Ngongoni-steekgras
Aristida meridionalis  Giant three-awn  Langbeensteekgras
Aristida mollissima  ssp argentea    
Aristida pilgeri    
Aristida rhiniochloa  Large-seeded three-awn  Skurwesteekgras
Aristida scabrivalvis  ssp contracta    
Aristida scabrivalvis  ssp scabrivalvis  Purple three-awn  Pers-steekgras
Aristida spectabilis    Bergsteekgras
Aristida stipitata  ssp graciliflora  Long three-awned grass   Langnaaldsteekgras
Aristida stipitata  ssp stipitata  Long three-awned grass   Langnaaldsteekgras  
Aristida transvaalensis  Rock three-awns    
Arundo donax  Giant reed  Spaanseriet
Bewsia biflora  False lovegrass  Blousaadgras, Vals-eragrostis
Bothriochloa bladhii  Purple plumegrass  Persklossiegras, Blouklosgras   
Bothriochloa insculpta  Pinhole grass  Klosgras, Stippelgras  
Bothriochloa radicans  Smelly grass  Stinkgras
Brachiaria bovonei  Wiry signal grass  
Brachiaria brizantha  Common signal grass  Broodsinjaalgras  
Brachiaria deflexa  False signal grass  Bastersinjaalgras
Brachiaria eruciformis  Sweet signal grass  Litjie-sinjaalgras
Brachiaria nigropedata  Black-footed signal grass, Spotted signal grass  Swartvoëltjiegras, Wurmsinjaalgras
Brachiaria serrata  Velvet/Redtop grass  Fluweel/Rooisinjaalgras
Cenchrus biflorus  Rock three-awn  Klipsteekgras
Cenchrus ciliaris  Blue/Foxtail buffalo grass  Bloubuffelsgras   
Chloris gayana  Rhodes grass  Rhodesgras   
Chloris pycnothrix  Spiderweb grass  Spinnerakgras   
Chloris roxburghiana    
Chloris virgata  Feathered chloris  Klossiegras, Witpluim-chloris   
Chrysopogon serrulatus  Golden beard grass  Krulgras, Gouebaardgras
Ctenium concinnum  Sickle grass  Sekelgras
Cymbopogon prolixus    Tamboekiegras
Cymbopogon caesius  Broad-leafed turpentine grass  Lemoengras, Buchugras   
Cymbopogon nardus  Giant turpentine grass  Reuse terpentyngras
Cymbopogon plurinodis   Narrow-leafed turpentine grass  Smalblaarterpentyngras
Cymbopogon pospischilii  Narrow-leafed turpentine grass  Smalblaarterpentyngras   
Cynodon dactylon  Couch grass  Kweekgras  
Cynodon nlemfuensis  Star grass  Stergras
Dactyloctenium aegyptium  Common crowfoot, Duck grass  Hoenderspoor   
Dactyloctenium australe     
Dactyloctenium giganteum  Giant crowfoot  Reuse hoenderspoor, Sterretjiegras   
Diandrochloa namaquensis    
Dichanthium annulatum  var  papillosum  Blue gamma, Blue stem, Vlei finger grass  Vleivingergras
Digitaria brazzae  Brown finger grass  Bruinvingergras
Digitaria ciliaris  Tropical finger grass  
Digitaria debilis  Finger grass  Vingergras
Digitaria eriantha  Common finger grass  Vingergras  
Digitaria longiflora  False couch finger grass  Valskweek
Digitaria monodactyla  One-finger grass  Eenvingergras
Digitaria natalensis  Coast finger grass  
Digitaria ternata  Blackseed finger grass  Swartsaadfingergras
Digitaria velutina  Long-plumed finger grass, Flaccid finger grass  Slapvingergras  
Diheteropogon amplectens  Broad-leafed bluestem  Breëblaarblougras   
Diplacne fusca  Swamp grass  Kuilgras
Echinochloa colona  Jungle rice  Watergras   
Echinochloa holubii  Kalahari water grass  
Echinochloa jubata    
Echinochloa ugandensis    
Eleusine coracana  Goose grass, African finger millet  Osgras   
Elionurus muticus  Wire grass, Silky grass  Koperdraad, Suurpol, Wildebeestegras  
Enneapogon cenchroides  Nine-awned grass  Negenaaldgras   
Enneapogon pretoriensis    
Enneapogon scoparius  Bottlebrush grass  Kalkgras  
Enteropogon macrostachys  Mopane grass  
Eragrostis acraea       
Eragrostis amabilis    
Eragrostis aspera  Rough lovegrass  Grootpluim-eragrostis
Eragrostis barbinodis    
Eragrostis biflora  Two-flowered lovegrass, Shade eragrostis  Skadu-eragrostis   
Eragrostis caesia    
Eragrostis capensis  Heartseed lovegrass  Hartjiegras
Eragrostis chloromelas  Narrow curly-leaf  Krulblaar   
Eragrostis cilianensis  Stink lovegrass  Stinkgras   
Eragrostis curvula  Weeping love grass  Oulandsgras  
Eragrostis cylindriflora    
Eragrostis echinochloidae  Tick grass  Bosluisgras, Krummelgras
Eragrostis gummiflua  Gum grass  Gomgras  
Eragrostis habrantha  Starry love grass    
Eragrostis heteromera  Bronze lovegrass  Rooikopergras
Eragrostis hierniana    
Eragrostis inamoena  Tite grass    
Eragrostis lappula    
Eragrostis lehmanniana  var chaunantha    
Eragrostis lehmanniana  var lehmanniana  Lehmann's lovegrass  Knietjiesgras
Eragrostis micrantha  Finesse grass  Finessegras
Eragrostis nindensis  Wether/Perennial lovegrass  Hamelgras, Agtdae-pluimgras
Eragrostis pallens  Broom lovegrass  Besemgras   
Eragrostis patens  Annual lovegrass  
Eragrostis plana  Tough lovegrass  Taaipol-eragrostis
Eragrostis pseudosclerantha   Footpath lovegrass  Voetpad-eragrostis
Eragrostis racemosa  Narrow heart love grass  Smalhartjie-eragrostis  
Eragrostis rigidior  Broad-leafed curlyleaf, Narrow-heart lovegrass  Breëkrulblaar, Smalhartjiesgras
Eragrostis rotifer  Pearly lovegrass, Vlei lovegrass  Vleipluimgras
Eragrostis stapfii    
Eragrostis superba  Saw-tooth love grass, Heart-seed love grass  Bosluisgras, Weerluis-eragrostis  
Eragrostis trichophora  Hairy lovegrass  Harige-pluimgras, Blousaadgras
Eragrostis viscosa  Sticky love grass  Klewerige-eragrostis  
Eriochloa fatmensis       
Eriochrysis pallida    
Eulalia aurea    
Eustachys paspaloides  Fan grass, Red rhodes grass  Bruin-hoenderspoor
Fingeruthia africana  Thimble grass  Vingerhoedgras   
Hemarthria altissima  Batavian Quick Grass, Red swamp grass, Swamp couch   Perdegras, Rooikweek
Heteropogon contortus  Spear grass, Tanglehead  Assegaaigras, Pylgras  
Hyparrhenia anamesa  Bundle thatching grass  Gerftamboekiegras
Hyparrhenia cymbaria  Boat thatching grass  Bootjietambokiegras
Hyparrhenia filipendula  var filipendula  Fine thatching grass  Fyntamboekiegras
Hyparrhenia filipendula  var pilosa  Fine thatching grass  Fyntamboekiegras
Hyparrhenia hirta  Common thatching grass  Dekgras, Dektamboekiegras
Hyparrhenia newtonii  Bearded thatching grass  
Hyparrhenia quarrei    
Hyparrhenia tamba  Blue thatching grass  Bloutamboekiegras
Hyperthelia dissoluta  Yellow thatching grass  Geeltamboekiegras  
Imperata cylindrica  Cottonwool grass, Silver-spike  Syngras, Donsgras   
Ischaemum afrum  Turf grass  Turfgras, Tweevingergras
Ischaemum fasciculatum  Red vlei grass, Hippo grass  Seekoei/Rooivleigras
Leersia hexandra    
Leptocarydion vulpiastrum  Spade grass  
Leptochloa eleusine    
Leptochloa fusca  Swamp grass  Kuilgras
Lintonia nutans    
Lophacme digitata    
Loudetia flavida  Pointed russet grass  
Loudetia pedicellata       
Loudetia simplex  Common russet grass  Stingelgras, Besemgras   
Melinis nerviglumis  Bristle-leaved redtop  Steekblaarblinkgras  
Melinis repens  ssp grandiflora  Redtop  Eenjarige-fluweelgras
Melinis repens  ssp repens  Natal redtop  Natal-rooipluim   
Microchloa caffra  Pincushion grass  Elsgras
Microchloa kunthii  Pincushion grass  Elsgras
Miscanthus junceus  Wire-leaf dabagrass, Broom grass  Draadblaardabagras, Ruigtegras
Monocymbium ceresiiforme  Boat grass, Wildoat grass  Bootjiegras, Wildehawegras
Mosdenia leptostachys    
Oropetium capense  Dwarf grass  Haasgras
Oryza longistaminata  Wild rice     
Panicum coloratum  Small/White buffalo grass  Witbuffelsgras   
Panicum deustum  Broad-leaved panicum, Reed panicum  Breëblaarbuffelsgras  
Panicum dregeanum  Plum panicum  Persbuffelsgras
Panicum maximum  Guinea grass  Gewone buffelsgras, Blousaad-soetgras  
Panicum natalense  Natal panicum, Buffalo grass  Suurbuffelsgras, Natal buffelsgras   
Panicum repens  Couch panicum  Kruipgras
Panicum schinzii  Sweet buffalo grass  Soetbuffelsgras, Blousaadgras
Panicum subalbidum  Elbow buffalo grass  
Panicum volutans  Rolling grass, Tumbleweed  Rolgras
Paspalidium obtusifolium    
Paspalum dilatatum  Common paspalum, Dallis grass  Gewone paspalum
Paspalum distichum  Couch paspalum  Kweekpaspalum, Bankrotkweek
Paspalum scrobiculatum  Veld/Creeping paspalum  Kropaargras, Dronkgras
Paspalum urvillei  Vasey grass, Giant paspalum  Langbeen-paspalum
Pennisetum macrourum  Riverbed grass  
Perotis patens  Cat's tail, Bottlebrush grass, Purple spike grass  Katstertgras  
Phragmites australis  Common reed  Fluitjiesriet
Phragmites mauritianus  Lowveld reed  Laeveldfluitjiesriet
Pogonarthria squarrosa  Herringbone grass  Sekelgras  
Sacciolepis typhura  Purple-hood grass  
Schizachyrium jeffreysii  Silky autumn grass  Harige-herfsgras, Slitgras  
Schizachyrium sanguineum  Red autumn grass  Rooidekgras  
Schmidtia pappophoroides  Sand quick  Kalaharisandkweek, Valgras
Sehima galpinii  Yellow turf grass  Geelturfgras
Setaria incrassata  Vlei bristlegrass  Vleimannagras
Setaria lindenbergiana  Mountain bristle grass  Randjiesgras, Bergsetaria   
Setaria megaphylla       
Setaria nigrirostris  Blackseed bristlegrass  Swartsaadmannagras
Setaria pumila  Shade bristlegrass  Skadumannagras   
Setaria sphacelata  var sericea  Golden bristle grass  Goue-mannagras  
Setaria sphacelata  var sphacelata  Common bristle grass  Gewone mannagras  
Setaria sphacelata  var torta  Creeping bristle grass, Twisted-leaf bristle grass  Kruipmannagras  
Setaria verticillata  Bur bristlegrass  Klitsgras   
Sorghum versicolor  Black-seed wild sorghum  Swartsaadwildesorghum/gras   
Sporobolus africanus  Ratstail dropseed  Taaipol  
Sporobolus conrathii    
Sporobolus festivus  Red dropseed  Rooi fynsaadgras, Rooigras
Sporobolus fimbriatus  Bushveld dropseed  Bosveldfynsaadgras, Blousaadgras
Sporobolus ioclados  Pan dropseed  Panfynsaadgras   
Sporobolus nitens  Curly-leaved dropseed  Krulblaarfynsaadgras   
Sporobolus panicoides  Famine grass, Christmas tree grass    
Sporobolus pyramidalis  Catstail dropseed  Katstert-fynsaadgras, Vleigras, Taaipol   
Sporobolus stapfianus  Fibrous dropseed  Veselfynsaadgras, Fynblousaadgras
Stipagrostis uniplumis  varuniplumis  Silky bushman grass  Blinkblaarboesmansgras
Themeda triandra  Redgrass  Rooigras   
Trachypogon spicatus  Giant spear grass  Bokbaardgras, Reuse pylgras
Tragus berteroianus  Common/Small carrot-seed grass  Gewone wortelsaadgras, Ousklits   
Tragus racemosus  Large carrot-seed grass  Grootwortelsaadgras
Tricholaena monachne  Blue-seed grass  Blousaadgras   
Trichoneura grandiglumis  Small rolling grass  Klein rolgras, Waaigras   
Tripogon minimus    
Triraphis andropogonoides  Broomneedle grass  Besemgras, Perdegras
Triraphis schinzii  Sandveld broom grass  Sandveldbesemgras   
Tristachya biseriata    
Tristachya leucothrix  Hairy trident grass  Harige-drieblomgras
Tristachya rehmannii  Broom trident grass  Besemdrieblomgras
Urelytrum agropyroides  Centipede/Quinine grass  Kinagras, Varkstertgras   
Urochloa brachyura       
Urochloa mosambicensis  Bushveld signal grass  Bosveldbeesgras   
Urochloa oligotricha  Perennial signal grass  Meerjarige beesgras
Urochloa panicoides  Garden signal grass  Tuinbeesgras
Urochloa trichopus    

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