Terpsiphone viridis     African Paradise Flycatcher  Paradysvlieëvanger
Grafton, Nov 2021

A breeding summer visitor, present between Sep and Apr. Common and widespread across the Waterberg, less so in the surrounding thorn savanna (64% in, 36% out; recorded in 84% of the Waterberg pentads); it may occur in any woodland but favours well-wooded river- and stream valleys and copses of tree such as growing on termitaria; also commonly in suburban gardens and around farm homesteads; occurs singly or in pairs. Breeds in summer.
African Paradise Flycatcher Waterberg distribution
Modimolle, Jan 2017
Modimolle, Feb 2017
Paradysvlieëvanger nes
Modimolle, Jan 2014

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