Cossypha humeralis  White-throated Robin-Chat  Witkeeljanfrederik
White-throated Robin-Chat
Waterberg Game Park, Sep 2022

A breeding resident. Common and widespread across the Waterberg occurring wherever its preferred habitat exists (recorded in 85% of the Waterberg pentads); frequents thickets in any wooded area, such as on termitaria, along rivers, or at the bases of ridges; usually in pairs, territorial year-round. Breeds in summer, parasitised by the Red-chested Cuckoo.
White-throated Robin-Chat Waterberg distribution
White-throated Robin-Chat
Moletadikgwa Wildlife Sancturary, Jul 2018
White-throated Robin-Chat
Klipkraal, Sep 2017
White-throated Robin-Chat nest
Waterberg Farmstay, Oct 2014

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