Pogoniulus chrysoconus  Yellow-fronted Tinkerbird  Geelblestinker
Kamonande, Apr 2022
A breeding resident. Common. It is occurs widely across the Waterberg in all woodland types, much less frequently in the surrounding thorn savanna (67% in, 33% out; recorded in 84% of the Waterberg pentads). It is mostly detected from hearing its monotonous 'tink, tink, tink ...' call, a familiar sound throughout the summer; calling birds are often associated with clumps of mistletoes in trees and they are well-known as being dispersers of the seeds of these parasitic plants. Breeds in summer.
Yellow-fronted Tinkerbird Waterberg distrubution
Modimolle, Feb 2020
Modimolle, Okt 2019
Yellow-fronted Tinkerbird
Jobedi Lodge, Feb 2010

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