Malaconotus blanchoti   Grey-headed Bushshrike  Spookvoël
Grey-headed Bushshrike
Modimolle, Nov 2008

A breeding resident. Fairly common and widespread across the Waterberg, less so in the surrounding thorn savanna (69% in, 31% out; recorded in 75% of the Waterberg pentads); frequents woodland, favouring areas with tall, closely spaced trees; a skulking species, its presence is usually given away by its mournful, drawn-out whistle. Breeds in summer.
Grey-headed Bushshrike
Kamonande, Apr 2022
Grey-headed Bushshrike Waterberg distribution
Grey-headed Bushshrike
Modimolle, Feb 2017


Grey-headed Bushshrike
Modimolle, May 2020

with Spotted Bush Snake

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