Riparia cincta  Banded Martin  Gebande Oewerswael
Banded Martin
Komanande, Jan 2018

A breeding summer visitor from the tropics, present between Oct and Apr. Scarce and localised, it occurs mostly across the southern half of the Waterberg and is largely absent from the lower altitudes in the north; much less frequent in the surrounding thorn savanna than in the Waterberg (82% in, 18% out; recorded in 30% of the Waterberg pentads); restricted to open areas, often old lands; in pairs or family groups after breeding; usually closely tied to breeding sites which are mostly provided by aardvark burrows, their tunnel nest being excavated into the roof of the burrow. Breeds in summer.
Banded Martin Waterberg distribution
Banded Martin
Slypsteendrift, Mar 2018

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