Tockus nasutus  African Grey Hornbill  Grysneushoringvoël
African Grey Hornbill female and male
Modimolle, Sep 2017
female above, male below

A breeding resident. The most frequently and widely recorded hornbill, it is common and widespread, both across the Waterberg and in the surrounding thorn savanna (56% in, 44% out; recorded in 89% of the Waterberg pentads); it frequents any woodland, found singly, in pairs while breeding, and often in flocks in winter. Breeds in summer.
African Grey Hornbill Waterberg distribution
African Grey Hornbill male
Modimolle, Sep 2017

male bringing Eastern Ground Agama to feed female sealed in nest
African Grey Hornbill female
Modimolle, Dec 2017

female displaying

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