Grus paradiseus   Blue Crane  Bloukraanvoël
Blue Crane
Alma, Oct 2019

Resident. An isolated population currently numbering 40-50 birds occurs in the southern third of the Waterberg, these congregating in winter in one or two flocks in the irrigation farms in the Alma area and dispersing into scattered pairs in summer to breed. The winter flock has been monitored by LEDET staff since 2001 and the number of birds present has fluctuated between 71 (in 2007) and 32 (in 2017). There has been a steady decline in their numbers in the last decade. Over the years a total of 42 chicks have been colour-ringed in the Waterberg and one, ringed in 2004, was still present in the area in 2018 (see below). Another, a victim of flying into power-lines, was recovered near Newcastle, KZN, and two were resighted in 2014 near Devon, Gauteng. (Information with thanks to Joseph Heymans).
Blue Crane Waterberg distribution
Blue Cranes in flight
Alma, Oct 2019
Blue Crane
Dinaka, Jan 2019
Blue Crane
Alma, Aug 2004
Blue Crane flock
Alma, Jun 2018

Part of a group of 20 birds; the colour-ringed bird on the right was ringed as a chick 14 years ago (in Feb 2004) by Kobus Pienaar about 20 km west of this spot.
Blue Crane
Alma, Aug 2007
Blue Crane nest
Welgevonden, Oct 2008
Blue Crane eggs
Alma, Sep 2007

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