Circaetus pectoralis  Black-chested Snake Eagle  Swartborsslangarend
Black-chested Snake Eagle
Bokpoort, Nov 2017

Resident. After Black-winged Kite this is the most frequently and widely recorded bird of prey in the Waterberg. It is usually encountered singly, either perched on a telephone pole or seen soaring and, unlike other eagles, it often hovers while hunting. Pairs probably defend year-round territories, returning to breed each winter close to a previous year's nest.
Black-chested Snake Eagle
Grootfontein, Dec 2017
Black-chested Snake Eagle
Renosterhoekspruit, Jan 2018
Black-chested Snake Eagle in flight
Lindani, Feb 2018
Black-chested Snake-Eagle
Grootfontein, Jun 2018

Winter breeders, laying in May or June. Here a typical nest site on top of a thorn tree, the bird incubating is just visible. The nest is smaller than those of other eagles and re-use of the same nest in successive years is the exception rather than the rule.

Black-chested Snake Eagle
Modimolle, Aug 2014

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