Dendrocygna viduata   White-faced Whistling Duck  Nonnetjie-eend
White-faced Whistling Duck
Vaalwater, Jul 2019

A breeding resident. Fairly common and, after Egyptian Goose, the most widely and commonly recorded duck in the Waterberg (recorded in 44% of the Waterberg pentads). Likely to occur, at least from time to time, on any dam in the area but most records are from the southern half of the Waterberg. Gregarious year-round, but larger flocks (of 100-500 birds) occur mainly in winter. In summer pairs leave flocks and commonly move onto smaller ponds and seasonally flooded areas to breed.
White-faced Whistling Duck
Modimolle, Jan 2018

White-faced Whistling Duck flock in flight
Alma, Aug 2008
White-faced Whistling Duck
Modimolle, Aug 2016

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